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>The people of Germany were 98% for him


Same hoax as with covid-19.

German population was tortured for years, and then a "savior" came, so that they were stupid enough to attack most of Europe, kill tons of white people, including themselves.

Typical for a controlled op.


All thanks to mass media brainwash via the brand new Tell-A-Vision-Lie.

Most would have also worn masks back then against the flu.


>We need to shoot tons of people because I'm fucked in the head.

No, we don't.

Most people are just brainwashed, and also lazy as fuck.


I personally blame doctors, I can also blame parents. Still I don't want to kill them all, because I'm not insane. Some may even kill themselves, when they figure out what they have done. God will judge them.


I will defend myself if I get attacked. That is all.