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Decoding the first sentence of the bible and a many said prayer without using a code, just counting the amount of letters in each word

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Moar on Utah County Attorney, David Leavitt, outing himself and his wife, Chelom, as suspects/targets in ritualistic child sex ring:




More on linked video of Utah Co Attorney David Leavitt:


”ALICE IN WONDERLAND”image on the Complete Works of Lewis Carroll isprominently in focus on shelfof people teaching through Leavitt foundation.


– see, attorney recruitment video on Leavitt Institute website or on

YouTube : 0:48


Also on the shelf: “Assholes Finish First” by Tucker Max

Some reviews on Amazon:

“Do NOT read it if you offended easily or offended by crude language or topics. Especially if you are sensitive to degrading women. I'm sure I would think this guy was a Jerk if any of this stuff happened to me or any of my close friends…”

“There is a part of me that is embarrassed to admit buying this book. It is crude, disrespectful to women, minorities, and people with disabilities….”



See also, Victor Yushchenko talking up the Leavitt Institute for International Development


posted by Chelom Leavitt “In this video Victor Yushchenko, former

President of Ukraine and leader of the Orange Revolutions describes the need for the rule of law and the Leavitt Institute for International Development.”


How Yushchenko came to power:

‘Yanukovych was President Kuchma’s hand-picked heir. Kuchma had appointed Yanukovych prime minister in 2002, effectively handing him the state apparatus and budget to play with during the campaign.


‘But Ukrainians refused to accept the election results. Protests began even before the official results were announced. Some 200,000 were out in Kyiv’s streets by nightfall on November 24, many wrapped in orange scarves and flags to signify their support for Yushchenko. Mass protests and other acts of civil disobedience continued for weeks. A youth activist organization, Pora! (“It’s time”) played an outsized role in catalyzing the protest movement, which came to be known as the Orange Revolution.


“By early December, Ukraine’s parliament expressed no-confidence in Kuchma’s government. The president was left with a difficult choice – to unleash force against the mass of protesters or negotiate. His choice was made starker by the thousands coming to the capital to support Yanukovych from the eastern mining regions, where he was popular. The threat of clashes grew.

‘Eventually, Kuchma chose to talk andthe country’s Supreme Court mandated*** a new round of voting in late December. Yushchenko wonand was inaugurated as Ukraine’s third president on January 23, 2005.


***REMINDER:At that time, David Leavittwasadvisor to the Supreme Court of Ukrainefrom2001 to 2009.


‘‘The Orange Revolution showed impressive levels of self-organization and coordination, unlike anything seen in Ukraine’s modern history. Politicians teamed up with civil society leaders to plan and sustain protests during Kyiv’s harsh winter. But when the revolution was over, people went home, handing leadership to Yushchenko and a small cohort of politicians, hoping things would change, Kuchma-era corruption would end, and the new president would make good on his pledge to send “the bandits” to jail.”


But that didn’t happen.




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