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Instead Of Showing Useful Videos To Educate People, Tech Giants Chose To Display Harmful Content





Technology are playing an important role in modern day because many are using it, but technology giant companies and whoever secret groups/beings who behind those companies are fail to assist help people.

All they focus is money, title, power in the society.


As we know, there are many problems in the society, some of them are personal wealth, health, climate change or Earth planet get attacked by plastic.


All the technology companies are using some secret algorithms to display their content instead of manual picking.


The wrong of that method is they are encourage people watching, reading “harmful” videos, contents.


What are the “harmful, useless” videos, content online?

The one that do not encourage people studying, learning about real important matter of life, but only for entertaining purpose like video games, sport match, music video, etc.


Those type of videos are useless because people do not learn anything from it, waste of time.


There are many useful content such as nature Earth planet environment, traveling video, saving money/energy guide, etc.



When you are go into Youtube, Tiktok, Dailymotion, etc. , you will receive and see many random videos but most of them are harmful one from celebrities, companies own channel, etc.


Here I am talking about the default page, without any searching or after period time of watching certain content.


The similar situation apply to many other social media such as Twitter, Reddit, etc. as well.


It is harmless to display useful contents in the default page to suggest people.

Here is just suggestion because unless people clicking it to watch, otherwise it just some images.


Why tech giants companies do nothing to help the society?

Well only them have the answer.

Maybe they only care about profit money and/or power.

Maybe they are too stupid to fully understand and control technology.


Technology alone are dangerous without the control from human because most mortal humans level are not high enough to aware of show to using technology in correct way.


I am disappointed with all those secret societies/groups, royal families who are behind those technology companies as well.

They have failed to help assist the public people.


If I was in charge of the technology industry on this civilization, the entire world would never have any big war chaos like the current moment but people will live in harmony.

But I am not interested in for any mortal humans job, this article is just a suggestion and tell you the stupid wrong in technology industry, there are many more stupid decision made by human related to technology as well.


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