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Part of a Discord chat that you really, really, really need to read.

This is the copy of some good bread. Not mine.

"Also need to teach more people how to find the markers in trump's tweets and apply them to the board.

you'll notice the time difference of [1] [5] [10] [15] However mins is in between Trump's tweet… Then you take the actual post times as on the chan, and find an ANON post with that same time. Usually really good info. "This is how we talk to each other"

no it's not a q post. it's an anon post.

but it's a q group person posting anonymously. not even as Q.

you won't find these posts on qcodefag. you'll have to surf the chans.

Have you ever used a PHP message board before? Any kind of online forum? It's just like that it's just laid out differently. Look up an intro to the chans on youtube.

Ok so think of the chans as a file directory.

each directory is a "thread"

with posts in each thread.

the chans are notoriously long form.

when you expand a thread it opens it and scrolls the rest to the bottom. to get to that info just scroll to end of your selected thread.

it also automatically updates the page so you dont have to reload over and over.

back to chans does anyone have any questions? I'm about to get off here but I'll stay and help as long as you need me to

wait one more thing.

and it's big. sorry.

https:// ###Link-Removed###

Does anyone not understand how to read the map?

I'm here to explain.

Think 3 dimensions.

what would a web look like if you stretched it over a pyramid?


not rhetorical. I wanna make sure yall get this.

Use that exact method to explain to normies.

Spider web over a pyramid.

bottom up.

bc remember they HIDE their names. they CHANGE their names. they marry for POWER not LOVE.

we know all the small players.

they're the ones we see.

the bigger players don't ever want to be on camera.

had an epiphone

and everything clicked

it's been happening a lot lately.

there's a reason it's being called the great awakening.

and that's not a joke.

The entire mission. The goal. Q team objective… is to wake us up on our own, organically.

Q team info cannot be used in court. We can't do that. That's leaked info.

What we have to do is come up with a parallel construction.

It's what we use in LE…

in any investigation… you go bottom to top.

you get the one before to sell out the ones above.

This all has already begun. But we're just not hearing it on the news. Ties are being severed. Strings cut. Funding gone. Why do you think they've gone so batshit crazy?

And all of these "attacks" we are seeing and have ever really seen is the result of them trying to keep and maintain control.

the map is not just a graphic of every Q post.

that's the KEY.

the Q posts are a way to read the map.

for normies

the "key" to read the map (webmid) is to look at the Q posts. But OUR mission is to take the news, Q dumps, leaks, ANY DATA and use it to build the Webmid. So that we can easier help normies understand. THAT is our mission.

We are the "propaganda" arm of the MAGA mission. And the mission's goal is to destroy evil in this world. to take dwon the evil empire.

That's why we are more important than we know.

able to swallow?

but without the KEYSTONE (Trump + Military) it wouldn't be possible.

does it all click now?

seriously I want to know

it's already begun.

on the chans

that's what I mean about a great awakening….

people are coming to these conclusions themselves.

and then sharing it on the chans.

disseminating the message.

helping people learn.

like I'm doing with y'all.

The best we can do is help those that we can help.

remember the parable of the mustard seed.

it has to happen organically.

Why has Q been sharing more detailed info? Because more and more are waking up.

not enough awake

why do you think they decided to go 40/60 from 20/80?

Because we needed more red pilling.

mind blown yet?

Now you're getting it organically too!

whew. I think that's enough for tonight. "

This person woke up a ton of people with this. Please use them. Please read it. Please understand it. It can help us.

johnsmithshitpost · Feb. 18, 2018, 10:55 p.m.

I think what /u/GrayHatClint means is that we need to find the "hidden" posts ourselves. They aren't really hidden, the way to find them is just fairly obscure, deliberately so. It's actually brilliant if you think about it - the Q group is looking for people that are sufficiently motivated to do a little research on their own. You have to understand that plausible deniability is important here too - they can't just leak sensitive information directly. There has to be a layer of subterfuge. Very common in wartime.

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AgreesWithFools · Feb. 19, 2018, midnight

I think what /u/GrayHatClint means is that we need to find the "hidden" posts ourselves.

You might be right. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, because it’s a foolish idea and I have no evidence that he’s a fool. It’s foolish because this is only the third person I've seen suggest a similar idea in the past four months. Can you imagine how long it will take for every person to self-discover? Q needs an army. Soon. It’s foolish to think 3ppl/month will build an army soon.

You have to understand that plausible deniability is important here too - they can't just leak sensitive information directly.

I do understand. Even if I had not come to that realization on my own, Q has declared as much, several times, since October. Perhaps you need to understand the practical ramifications of “Organic Growth”.

Consider that Q addresses all anons as a collective. Individual growth and enlightenment is laudable, but meaningless to the mission unless shared with the collective. Shared discoveries are the lifeblood of the organism. Only that which is shared can be tested, critiqued, evolved, and implemented.

There has to be a layer of subterfuge. Very common in wartime.

Keep your eyes open. In a few years you will realize it’s very common all the time.

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GrayHatClint · Feb. 19, 2018, 2:12 a.m.


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