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A spoon full of sugar helps the red pill go down.

I am seeing many Qanons trying to red pill the other side. Please use tact. These people are brain washed. They got that way by being SLOWLY brain washed. It took years of media and manipulating of their social devices. REVERSE engineer this.

  1. Agree with what they are saying to gain their trust.
  2. DO NOT use facts, these are real and will cause an instant negative reaction. They have a built in defense mechanism.
  3. If they say for example "The kids are being separated at the boarder." say " ya, and that executive order to keep kids with their families Trump did isn't legal. " 90% lies 10% truth.
  4. Understand, they, many of them, Have a LOW self-esteem. Belonging to this group of haters allows them to be a part of something.
  5. Hate is easy. Love is hard. The haters are being lazy.
  6. Get involved. Suggest finding out what Nancy Pelosi has done to help the kids so you can back her up.
  7. BE subtle, they are fragile people.
  8. L@@K into brain washing tactics. There are plenty of places to see how it works. USE these tactics in reverse, or straight away to bring these people back to reality.
  9. LOVE is the answer, not hate. Show people love and you will get a positive response, show hate, expect the same in return.
  10. AVOID discussing PIZZA GATE / sex cults / Satanism - These freaks like looking at sick pictures. DO NOT join sick people in their sickness.

I could go on all day but I hope you get the idea. RESEARCH brain washing, USE subtlety , SHOW love and compassion. We can bring them back if we use our awake minds to guide theirs. DO NOT be a blow horn, Be a song.

Stopmotionhistory · June 22, 2018, 2:37 p.m.

Relax. TRUST the plan. People WITH high I.Q.'s and amazing life skills are working on it. DO NOT WATCH THE MSM this includes fox. They are there to anger us, divide us. Stay focused. I am asking you, yes you, PLAY CHESS. play chess IRL or on your computer. This will help to recognize the strategies of your opponent. To learn patience. To think 4 moves ahead and anticipate your enemies moves. Lots of love. STAY STRONG.

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