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The Secret Bible Forbidden Fruit Is Either The Cashew Or Egg

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The Bible God (a super deity) have in own garden, so the forbidden fruit it could come be any unknown tree that humanity not yet known.


But if to give a guess using common sense, then there are only 2 “fruit” that “match” with the Bible verse: cashew and egg.


The keyword here is: touch and eat.

Both touch and eat can be dangerous and lead to dead.


With barehand, mortal humans will receive poisoning or some crazy effect when touching raw cashew.

And it will take a lot of time and effort to “clean” the cashew.

Both the cashew nut and the soft part (like pepper) can be eaten.

It is half fruit half nut.

How many other tree you known similar to cashew?

I don’t know any !


What about the egg?

The egg related to animals.

When you touch the egg but their parents can see, then they could attack you.

When they found the egg got stolen and disappear, they will have bad negative feeling, thus could cause chaos/destruction.


But humans must not let any animals grow without control or they would eat all the fruits/leafs.

So it is very tricky task to know when remove the egg to “birth control”.


Eat egg raw is very dangerous because it contain a lot of unwannted matters.

So you need to use fire to cook it.

But not all fire are equal, the temperature are not the same, thus the final cooked foods are not the same.


No matter how you eat the egg or cashew, you will need time to rest and recover.

But what is enough?

That is the knowledge wisdom that only via real life experience can give you !


In conclusion, in modern today world, the forbidden fruits must be the cashew or egg (or somewhat similar).

And the knowledge wisdom in the Bible is “when enough, what quantity”.


If you want to know more, then you must study more via real life experience because I don’t see any class/school have any course about real life human evolution yet. Even exist it can only be on theory which I have shared a lot already, it is always up to you.


Best Regard.

The Savior Messiah Buddha


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