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Under the Law of Nations


§ 202 Their rights when are abandoned: The state is obliged to defend and preserve all its members (§17), and the prince owes the same assistance to his subjects. If therefore, the state or the prince refuses or neglects to succor a body of people who are exposed to imminent danger, the latter, being thus abandoned, become perfectly free to provide for their safety and preservation in whatever manner they find most convenient, without paying the least regard to those who, by abandoning them, have been the first to fail their duty.


§ 198 – And by the encroachments of the protector – In virtue of the same principle which discharges one of the contracting parties when the other fails in his engagements if the more powerful nation should assume greater authority over the weaker one than the treaty of protection or submission allows, the latter may consider the treaty as broken, and provide for its safety according to its discretion.


§ 196 – These compacts annulled by the failure of protection – When a nation has placed itself under the protection of another that is more powerful or has even entered into subjection to it with a view to receiving its protection, - if the latter does not effectually protect the other in case of need, it is manifest, that by failing in its engagements, it loses all rights it had acquired by the convention, and that the other, being disengaged from the obligation it had contracted, re-enter into the possession of all its right, and recovers its independence, or its liberty.


§ 192 – Protection – When a nation is not capable of preserving itself from insult and oppression, it may procure the protection of a more powerful state. If she obtains this by only engaging to perform certain articles, but still reserving to herself the right of administering her government at pleasure, - it is a simple treaty of protection, that does not all derogate from her sovereignty, and differs from the ordinary treaties of alliance, otherwise than as it cetes a difference in the dignity of the contracting parties.


According to the Law of Nations, we now have the right to:


  1. Seek our protection because our government elected officials have abandoned us and no longer protect us, but choose to harm us using their executive powers creating mandates that are dangerous and harmful to all men and women living in the states.

  2. The government refused to stand for the men and women during the last Presidential election, allowed vote-rigging, and vote harvesting which changed voting laws, they used unmonitored drop boxes, and certified an election that they are now claiming was a fraudulent election and Biden did not win the election according to the vote of the men and women.

  3. They have used the Police Department to enforce illegal mandates upon men and women. The police were used to arrest, fine, and harm anyone who refused to wear a mask. Men and women are free to choose their own medical devices and it is not up to our government or police to enforce unlawful laws upon us.

  4. Allowed terrorists to run ramped in the streets burning and raiding businesses. These same people attacked innocent bystanders, men, women, and children trying to escape the mayhem they were causing.

  5. They allow our country to be attacked from the Southern Borders where millions of illegal immigrants cross our borders each day. Many of these immigrants bring drugs into our country to flood our streets, they traffic innocent boys and girls, and they are given hundreds of millions of dollars by our government while they raise our taxes to pay for this.