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Why, how QAnon exists:



Please pick either of these, or actually both:




Involving a transcription of the difficultly delineated quantum ether, (which procreate-eth and taketh all life on earth to date in the circadian of the stars), the clumsy originator of QAnon "describes," attempts to deal with this something out there that makes us all subject to be taken. Translating his delineation "effort," we observe a superficial fling at describing the great mystery of take, the taking away of all humans as time, which life, as given, has yet to know to solve or stop. Because it can't be known to date, the originator, in usual human spite, plants the scapegoat by "delineating this unknowable, unseeable taker." A metaphor for this Taker, He/She/It is now: 1. cannibal; 2. child molester and trafficker; 3. Satanic.


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