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>be a clever NEET

>decide to fix society

>design new 3D modular car-free hyper-urban infrastructure


>reduces fossil fuels by 95% and rent by 75% (!)

>decide to write a new city-state constitution for it

>start lib-right

>work on it for 3 years

>move to lib-center


>perfect blend of left and right

>designed to bring about a 2-day work week

"holy shit this is actually great"

"lets share it on reddit"

>le reddit army is furious

>calls the ideas garbage, far right

>wave of downvotes and anger

>mods rush to delete my posts

>permabanned for posting it


The gatekeeping and censorship of real solutions/ideas is even worse than I thought


(This exact post was deleted from 4chan in under 15 minutes)

(This exact post was deleted from 8kun in under an hour)