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Whats worse than a time travelling baby eating werewolf in the Government?

A time travelling baby eating werewolf as a saint who carried baby jesus across a flooded river.

Expect change.


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Lycaon isn't the only time traveller, there are links in MI6 correlated to Bathsheba, the mother of Solomon, getting lost in her sons temporal magic and becoming Grand Mother Goose, followed by Lilith, followed by an agent of MI6.


Due to her attempts to becoming Eve, she was main lead in the Accidental Geneaology Protocol "Batman Forever", which causes a timeline branch where everyone's a vampire of the blood of Lilith due to everyone being related causing a mass incest problem around the earth. Protocol fix is enabled by bringing in Aliens and people from extra dimensions and timelines and inviting them all on a free cruise to attempt to bring non related people together into the timeline that has a mass incest problem.