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Support Me The Real Savior To Save The World From Collapse & Have Better Society

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I the real Savior from many ancient prophecies are seeking from little support and effort from all of you to speed up and maximize the result as fast as possible.

I have show up and published 2 beyond godlike book along with my personal photo on mainstream market.


But I still need certain support from all of you:

  1. Share, introduce my books to top secret organizations/groups to see whether they can have a deal with me or not.

Because I do not want to promote my book to the public market yet for I still have a lot of great books to come and some of them are very sensitive.


The deal could be about "franchise" the book/ideas/content so that 3rd party/publisher company can use it to sell to the market.

Or I can lower/reduce the price of the books.


  1. Obtain my books directly from me through cryptocurrency or bank card at buymeacoffee.


  1. Make donation to me via cryptocurrency to me. (www.ascensionjoy . com/donate/)


The reason is that I do not have any money left and seeking for from quick cash in order to using some services online such as to publish book on Apple Store (I do not have any international bank card now) or using some other services such as ingramcontent or publishdrive or even the publishermarketplace to introduce my books.


Only through cryptocurrency I will able to receive quick cash in hand.

While public mainsream market will need to wait a lot of time.


My books are all great because they are educated book and billions people can benefit from it.

But only people have strong will power and desire will have gut to use those books, thus only the "good" guys will use, while the "bad" guys will most likely refuse.


So if you want to save the world from total collapse and make the society more interesting, then go support me as soon as much as possible.


Because the root problems of the current wars is the question "how to new global financial system should be", I won't touch that matter again unless my educating book go viral or at least be introduced in mainstream media (either direct or indirect way).


Feel free to send, share this message to all top big organization/group/socities/royal families/beings, etc.


Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Buddha


Original Source: https://ascensionjoy .com/forum/showthread.php?tid=84