Anonymous ID: 006e74 Board is comped and BVs are faggot March 9, 2023, 7:35 p.m. No.18477609   🗄️.is 🔗kun


I will keep posting this indefinitely. Fuck the censoring board admins. They delete this in the name of projecting "OSS spam" but all the real spam is left up. Now why do you think that might be? Why are they so desperate to stop you from reading this and keep you focused on hating jews?


Why do the BVs protect their famefaggot board idol friends spewing the same divisive jew hatred thats posted here all day yet any criticism of them gets your posts deleted? Why was my perfectly valid and legal post which broke no rules deleted, yet the all day long antisemitic copy pasta is allowed unabated? Why do the admins delete all traces of censorship protecting their cross dressing narcissistic divisive femboy attention whore nazi faggot (literally on all counts) board idol baker gatekeeper friends? Might be an agenda behind that? Why are "regular anons" attacked if they use avatars but for these faggots its sanctioned by admins? Why does a random new IP posting the "hey newfags" warning and the clown meme watering a tree always happen to be online when this evidence is posted? Any time day or night. Trying to convince new eyes? Trying to control a narrative? Think for yourself.


Qs only reply to tranime was of them wearing an upside down cross and talking about "luring a dangerous animal into a trap". Tranime was posting with a nazi flag but quickly changed it after Q replied. Remember the Chelsea Clinton posts? Upside down crosses openly worn in public to broadcast Satanism? Reread Q's post. All posts are connected, graphic is key. Look closer. This graphic is the only picture Q chose to reply to.

Whatever happened to;

"Nothing is random."

"Everything posted here has meaning."


"No coincidences."

"Double meanings exist."

"Infiltration not invasion."

"Some anons are not anon."

"Symbolism will be their downfall."


Tranime and doge have contributed nothing but division for 5 years. Every post is narcissistic arrogant divisionfagging. You cannot link a single screenshot of a positive post from them over 5 years. To the board owner and board volunteers you are directly responsible for this shitshow. Why are admins gaslighting real anons and going out of their way to protect these divisionfaggot famefags? Is it because they want to divide & frame all the bakers and anons here as cross dressing femboy actual faggot Nazis? Why are even the slightest criticisms censored but the jew hatred is unopposed all day long? The protected board personality attention whores are showered with inorganic sycophantic manufactured praise which even the least discerning of newfags can recognize.


Now why do you think the CIA might keep large anime databases to use on online forums? Coincidence?


Makes sense now? Scattered free thinkers wake the fuck up. You're in an echo chamber controlled by satanists at all levels.