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1 Million Dollars For A Guaranteed World Peace Solution: New Global Financial System


Many nations, groups, beings was and are spending/gambling billions dollar or wars in the hope of solving the international currency war conflicts.


I am the Savior and I have the perfect solution for that root problem.


In the new world monetary system, all nations will be equal and on a same level playing field, no matter how much natural resources they have.


Thus both the East and West will equal.

Now the East are have upper hand due to their large natural resources but once my ideas my visions my solutions appear then that advantage will be gone.


The truth is that not only me but few other beings/entities (especially the one in the tier 1, 2 the observers and referees) also know that solution but they do not have motivation and desire to speak out.


That is the reason I want 1 million USD/Euro in advanced for the solution (not including any license, just theory and information, not for implementing).


If you wonder why I need money?

Then my answer is that I need money to help my relative members.

Because without them, I would not even have any desire to do/release the solution.


But I am not trying to deceive any one that’s the reason I will guaranteed my information my ideas will 100% work and will 100% satisfy all nations (especially the Western nations).


If the solution I will share not worked, I will make 100% refund.


If I do not refund, then you guys are freely to use both the books “Become World Champion With Secret Crazy Method Strategy” and “New Creation New Society New World”, they are worth at least 10 of millions and more if selling to the public people.


It is true that if my solution truly work then I would become very rich guys, but you need to understand the timing !

I need money now at the current present moment.

I do not need money after the solution appear !


I am a very serious people.

This offer will be also valid till 18th March 2023 (for the next 8 days).


After that timeline, I will decide what I should do next.

But most likely I will focus on making money via selling my books.


There is absolutely no reason for me to help the Western nation but just to destroy my family.


And 1 million is next to nothing will all the GOV and the entities who are in the current world wars affair.


So I hope this message will wake you guys up.

I do not come with an empty hands like my previous warnings but this time it comes with very valuable “product” that more than equal with the money I am requesting.


Feel free to send this message to all big top organization, government, groups, entities, beings, etc.


Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Buddha



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