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The Only Thing Can Defeat Gold Is Real Life Knowledge Wisdom


The fights over natural resources was and are still going between nations/groups/beings.


Is that possible to defeat the Gold, silver, etc. ?

The answer is yes.

And the only thing can beat those items is real life knowledge wisdom.


The rules also apply on the current international monetary system.

The fact is that the solution already exist, but the only thing are prevented is from appearing to the society/public are those stupid ignorance denial persons/groups who are instead of invest in new creation new ideas, they are chose for war chaos destruction !


The most sad part is 99% person I know are in that stupid team, especially the West people in Europe/America.

They are dying and collapsing, but instead of chose to "fight", they chose to "silence" and accept the result like destiny.

But hell no, destiny set by humans by the way they think and act.


The best things I can do is giving them their opportunity, I cannot live for them, thus I can only help them when they open their hand and show their desire.


China And Taiwan Only Unify In These Conditions


Only when China able to find a better person than Xi Jinping.

Xi Jinping only good at "safety" and "communist" in general.


The better one is who not only good at "communist" (culture) but also good at "capitalism" (economy).


That is not just a theory but a compulsory condition agreed by the elders long time ago.

Only by then the China and Taiwan will unify together.


The new China will have many small nations like current the EU. But the central government will be much better.


Maybe the best candidate now is me The Messiah, but I don't like run politics and my level is too high and very unfair for other nations.



The Savior



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