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All Nations Especially The West Have 8 Days Left To Choose Between Peace Or More Wars

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It is the Savior again.

I was planed to fully go to “make money mode” but my feeling isn’t well because I think I need give all nations especially the Western nations (Europe, America) once last chance.


Before I have never shown my books but now I have came up with 2 great books which should be taught in all schools and in all sports.


You guys can read those books then judge by yourself.


I am not asking you guys to send me money for free.


I only here for “trade”, a lucrative offer for your nations, your groups.

Some of you already knew the details.


  • I have put both 2 books on the table


  • You need send me minimum 1 million US Dollar.


  • Then I will publish the solution, the books all nations are waiting for the final solution, the final new international monetary system which will give all nation a same level of playing field, no matter how much natural resources they have.


  • If you guys do not agree/satisfy with my ideas my solution, then I will make refund 100%.

If I do not make refund then you guys can use both of my great books for free (both of them should be worth at least 100 millions US Dollar if not billion).


And if you guys do not like trade via online, then you guys can meet me physical in person, then I will self write the book the world financial system solution (but must be live streaming for the entire world to see).


That is the best possible I can give and offer you guys.

I not going to gambling, I am not going to sharing any more knowledge wisdom for free while receive nothing in return.

Even now I do not receive any donation yet, I do not have money to open just a international debit card ?!


So the deadline is 18th March 2023 (after next 8 days).


Then if nothing happen, I will go full “make money” mode because even if I represent the perfect solution, no any nations/entities will listen and accept since their overall vibration are too low.


By choose the make money direction, I am not guaranteed will help/reveal the world financial solution anymore because when I have million money via selling books/license, what is the point/reason to speak to help others?

That is the eternal rule of the Universe and life, no motivation no acting !


I hope you the readers/agents can send this letter to all groups/beings/entities.


Best Regard,

The Savior


Source: https://ascensionjoy .com/forum/showthread.php?tid=91