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Financial System: Same Level Playing Field Between Nations Meaning

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Since ancient times till today, all the international cross border financial transactions between nations are always using natural resources (either in real physical form or through fiat money paper).


The fact is that all the current fiat money paper you are using today are still secretly backed by “natural resources”, but only few entities and the government truly know it.


All kind of current wars between nations/groups are all because of the current conflict financial system.


Nations with rich natural resources was and are “blackmailed” the others.

Or you can understand is the East (Asia, Africa) are “cheating” over the West (Europe, Americas).


The question now is that possible to have a new fair financial system where all nations on a same level of playing field?


But what is a same level playing field mean?

Well, depend on each people knowledge and idea.



more, full information will be revealed in the book “The New Fair World Economic Financial System That People Will Love”.


That book only cost 10,000 USD !


And even know I still not sure whether to release that book or not.


Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Buddha


Source: https://ascensionjoy. com/forum/showthread.php?tid=92