Azael ID: 49751c Career Achievements (1988, Three Years Old, Beth-Israel Deaconess Hospital) March 10, 2023, 11:49 p.m. No.18484187   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Lucky Chariie: Berlin Wall brought down, through revealing of Rabbinical gangster, Great Uncle Tony, as an INTERPOL spy.


Belfast Booth: Hunter S. Thompson, assassinated for Self-Defense Forces, through Prime Minister Shinchiro Abe.


Buddhist League: Harvey Weinstein, assassinated through Japanese Steel, through Chris Hansen, Method Writing.


NSA HUMINT: Bust of NRA Mossad, through New England cleared of Israeli influence, reclaimed by MI-6, EON Productions.


Likud: Five commanding officers of Mossad, identified as foes, in own print, James Bond 007.


The Marijuana Wars: Labeling of Eliot Ness and Lee Harvey Oswald’s family, as stalk victims, mentors for developmentally disabled.


FBI COIN: Property sold to Time Warner Cable, along with buyouts of AOL, Comcast, and CNN.


Canadian INTERPOL: Likud, UNESCO, and INTERPOL, nullified, then sold to Britain, countering Canadian Mounted, weed dealers.


Pornography Industry: Porn dealers for Magna Carta, ceased, and sales to submissive, as charged porn, saviors of Navy.


Cuban Catholic: Y2K glitch, given to English coders, outside of royalty, House of Tudor’s link to Greece and Israel, severed.


Scarecrow: MKULTRA, through Colbert Report, seizing Muslim ideas, in favor of heterosexual atheism, for the Middle East, Israeli policy.


The Protomen: United Nations staff, Dr. Wily, for switching Dr. Light, and Dr. Wily, in the Protomen's songs. The creation of Cyberpunk 2077, reaffirming Madison’s law, Citizen’s Rights, the prohibition for robbing a hospital nursery for baby footprints. Theft of identity, now illicit, FBI investigated.


Donald J. Trump: The control of the US psychiatric system, through US military, out of Japanese banks, the Yakuza.