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The Great Currency Money Evolution Will Begin From The Banking Industry


The content below is just a small portion in the sacred historic book “The New Fair World Economic Financial System That People Will Love”.


The world in total chaos mode because of the financial system.


Most people do not fully understand what is really going on, they just do not have that kind of knowledge since no any school teach them about that.


Now most nations are fighting for the “printing money” permission and many of them are still in favour of natural resources such as gold, silver, oil, gas, etc.

But that kind of thinking are outdated from a low level people.


Before talking about “printing money” conflict, people need to understand all the factors related to money in the society.


There are 3 features that related to the money:

  • Printing, Issuing.

  • Storing, Keeping.

  • Using.


  • Who using the money?

The people and company, there is not much problem in this group.


  • Who printing, issuing the money?

The Governments in general but with some secret handled by the referee at the top international level to make sure the fairness and no nations can “cheat”.


Many nations are fighting over this issue.

But they are not yet found any person solution because they have completely forgot the group “storing, keeping” money.


  • Who storing, keeping the money?

The banks and the banking industry in general.

If you go deep and investigate the banking industry, you will see a lot of things are too wrong and unfair.


Not all banks are equal but why the government have a same amount of “money insurance” amount such as 250,000 USD in the United States, 85,000 GBP in the United Kingdom, 100,000 CAD in Canada, etc.


Because of the so called “banking license” exist.


All the banks are very easy to replace, even the monkey can do that job.

The most important when coming down to banking is the “trust”.


But that do not really exist nowadays when many banks are handling the money wrong by giving their money to their friends, partners, etc.


From the stand point of many people who send money into their bank, what they care about the most?

Safety for their money.


But when all banks have same amount of “money insurance” at fixed money from the government, it just not fair.


Thus there must be a big reform in the banking industry (the storing, keeping money business).


That is not an option but rather than a compulsory action to make sure the banking industry are fair, equal, transparency in the society.


Then the “printing/issuing money” problem can be discussed.


Because even if you have a perfect solution for the “printing/issuing money” between nation, it means absolutely nothing if there is still a big issue in the banking industry like at the moment.



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