The Savior ID: 6d16fa I The Savior Will Release The Cure Solution For World Monetary System Via Email Soon March 12, 2023, 12:32 a.m. No.18491045   🗄️.is 🔗kun

I The Savior Will Release The Cure Solution For World Monetary System Via Email Soon



It just does not feel right so I have decide to release the historic solution, the cure to end all nations conflict around natural resources, money in an unusual way:

  • Way 1: via email

Completely free but with many layers of password.

So as long as you can “decode” and know the password then you will able to access the document.

Designed for the top secret organizations.


Depend on the outcome and after certain period time, I will open the way 2.


  • Way 2: via selling/donation

In this option you are required money to obtain the documents, no any password.

The price won’t be cheap.


It is possible for way 2 not appear.


In both methods, the documents will only for read personally, not allowed to sell/share/trade/reveal to any entity since it was designed for the “human management administrator” people.


If you think you can “decode” the many passwords then you can send me you email, I will add to the list.


But in order to not waste time, I can say the passwords will be random with many layers and it is impossible to most people can unlock unless you are the “top secret organization” who was given the technology by certain super beings/Gods over 70 years ago.


Even me do not know the password because I will type to set it random.


Knowing this document will help you and your nation know the future.


It will bring a total new equal fair financial games for all nations, for groups where natural resources are meaningless if you do not work !


You can send me your email address before the date 15th March 2023 (only next few days).


The time I will release and send the solution, the new world monetary system will be unknown.


Because I have not yet decide the date and not yet receive any motivation/donation yet.


Best Regard,

Ascension Joy


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