?!Hs2J[Q]13jV6 ID: 240b88 V March 14, 2023, 3:18 p.m. No.18507889   🗄️.is 🔗kun

[Q]ivil War

Nu[Q]lear fear

Your God is the one of [Q]braham Issa[Q] and Ja[Q]ob

Wa[Q]e up

Deep state actors want you to turn on your neighbor

The deep state that hates america wants you breed destruction of the other.

You call yourselves woke and redpilled

Wake up, you are redpilled like any Blud is

Dems are Bluepilled like the Crips

You play name games with celebrities and spit dirt on them like any child trying to pick a false idol on the schoolyard

There is no need for Nu[Q]es…

You will burn your precious america to the ground

and your sons and daughters will die with it

The mission [Q]omplete

Stay [Q] Pilled

Digital Dinosaurs learn how to use 4[Q]han

Under the guise of [Q]od your men become sheep

[Q]esus Trump steals the Lord's followers

[Q]ur [Q]ather [Q] art in [Q]eaven [Q]allowed [Q]e thy [Q]ame

[Q]hy [Q]ingdom [Q]um thy will be done in the white house as it is in [Q]hina/[Q]ussia [Q]ake us this day our daily [breadcrumbs] and forgive us our insurrections as we forgive the [Q]edophiles who [Q]orrupt [Q]ur [Q]outh

[Q]ead us [Q]ot to the [Q]ruth but [Q]eliver us from God



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