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The Entity Who Currently Control World Financial System, The Truth Of New Global Wars


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There is a special entity who current control the entire world financial monetary system.

That entity is not normal mortal humans but a high level beings/entities one.


Control here mean almost everything such as decide how much fiat money is allowed to be exist in the entire world financial system.

Based on what metric?

Well, I do not want to go into their secret for that is not my business but basically it based on various different factors such as:

– How many different types of industries, businesses.

– Human development evolution room.

– Special “orbs, gemstones”.

– Whether boring or interesting in real life.




– The real reasons behind many crazy non-sense things like: the European leaders open their borders to receive “illegal economic refugees” from Africa.

– The stupid corona virus COVID pandemic event.

– The war in Myanmar, Ukraine Russia.


Top leaders get paid both personal and as a team of nation.

Here I mean “new fiat money paper” to be inserted in the entire world financial system but not the basic normal transfer between the current exist one.


Sound fantasy, sound fiction?

But that is exactly how the current world financial system work.


The reason why top leader and national government must accept those non-sense crazy inhuman deal is because the “financial management skill” are too bad, no any nation have positive balance but always negative number every year !

They are just running out of money and fund.


They are facing the choice of either “total collapse” or “any method to get new money/fund”, there is no choice left.

Since they are the elite groups who can lie, deceive others, that is why the option they choose is the “any method to get new money/fund” despite it is inhuman way and way too corrupt.


And that secret entity who control the current world fiat money system just do not care the rest for they are treating mortal humans like animals.


I do have both the spiritual power and creative ways methods to force them give me endless new money into the current world financial system.

The number is no less than 1000 Trillions USD/Euro value !

I am pretty confident about that.


But what I do not have right now is just I do not have their specific communication contact info !


If you either want to help the society to become a better place or just want to receive free money like the middle man commission, then all you need to do is help me connect with that top secret entity who currently control the world monetary system.


I willing to meet them in all nations on Earth.


All the current global world conflicts will end instantly if that entity agree to give me 1000 Trillions USD/Euro into the current world fiat money system.

I do have the power, ability, talent to force them to “trade” with me.


I do not have the deadline but this offer only exist for the next several days when I still have desire, motivation and still available.


Feel free to send this message to all beings, entities, military, national governments.


Am I crazy or a real Gods?

Give me a try, give me opportunity so I can show my full power, you do not lost anything for my requirement is just basic direct communication.


Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

The Lord Of Lords

The King Of Kings