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I Want To Trade My Trillions Value Economy Vision Ideas With Top Wealth Controllers



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The current world economy system are outdated and just terrible.

That is why the secret top wealth controllers of this mortal realms no longer “fund” and allow more fiat money paper in the economic system.


I as the real Savior Messiah Buddha whatever name know how to fix the current world economy system, how to make it more interesting !


I want to trade my trillions value worth of USD/Euro economy vision, ideas with the top wealth controllers group/entity.


Because the secret wealth controllers have their own metric/tools so I cannot know how much my ideas, vision truly worth in their calculation.


Here I am talking about how more money will be allowed to be “inserted” and “appeared” in the current world monetary system (via what channel, what currency are not really matter at all).


If a product like the cryptocurrencies can be trade for 1-2 trillions USD in the public market, then which mean in the back-end, the “author” of that cryptocurrency would receive a lot of more money and the real total amount of money that secret wealth controllers allowed to be inserted in to the market I think about 5-6 trillions USD/Euro at least (based on that products).


My economy vision, my ideas are above that and it would be worth no less than 100 trillions USD/Euro for sure !


I do not have any communication contact info of the secret top wealth controllers, so I am looking for any beings, entities who can help me forward my message/request to those entity.


I willing to trade my world economy vision, to meet top wealth controllers entity/group in any nation on Earth as soon as possible.


If any of you can become the “connector” or “middle man”, then I willing to give 5% to 20% commission as the reward. I can guaranteed you will become billionaires if not trillionaires for sure if you can become the bridge.


I am very confident about my talent, my ability.


There could be more than 1 secret wealth controllers group/entities so the best way to find out who truly interested in my vision, my ideas is spreading, sending out my messages to all groups, organizations, national governments as many as possible.


I have revealed and shared my personal information, along with my email, phone number already which mean I am very serious.


I do not have the specific deadline but I will only wait for the next 5-6 days or so.


Remember this is the trade at a macro matter level not any specific particular products services.


Want to live in a new interesting society and new world economy system or just want to end current world conflicts then just listen to me, just give me a opportunity to show my power my talent.


I am the one who can take the endless money from the top secret wealth controllers !


Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

The Lord Of Lords

The King Of Kings