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You Can Become Millionaire With Just $100, Invest In Me Self Claimed Messiah Buddha

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I am the only one person that can save this world from total collapse and total destruction.


After fully found and crafted the trillions value “finished product information wisdom” in my mind, I have given the opportunity to all nations to pay off their entire debt and become rich.


Now it is time for me to give a similar opportunity for all individual person to become rich.


I strongly believe in my wisdom, my vision.


Do you know the current world economy system are outdated and need to fix it.


I am will going to fix it at the root (here including jobs, businesses, strategy, system at most and a new open world financial system).


As a high level player in this game of life, I am not just going to tell what nations should do but I am going to explain all the rest of you what are you doing, living wrong in life (especially the economic game).


I cannot believe why no anybody fix that basic mistake and problem ?!


Here is the investment opportunity information for all of you:

Please read carefully, this is an open investment offer, not a giveaway or any guaranteed 100% successful.


The odds is 10000-1 (1 become 10000).

For every $100 you send me, you will receive $1,000,000 in return (if the wealth controller entity or any rich money people/group) accept my idea, my wisdom.


The deadline for this crazy investment opportunity is September 18th 2023 16.00 GMT.


Step 1:

I will receive money from all of you.


Step 2:

I will decide whether or not release that sacred information basic various factor and total amount of investor, investment money is just one of them.


Step 3:

– If I choose not to disclose the sacred world economic vision, idea, then I will refund full 100% the amount of money (minus the small transaction fees of the network).


– If I decide to reveal the document, then I will reveal it within maximum 15 days from the money investment accepted deadline.

You will also receive the place/location which I will write, publish and reveal that sacred document in private.


Step 4:

After maximum 30 days from the day I revealed the information, you will know your investment is a successful one or not.


Step 5:

I will send the profit to all of you within 10 days after receiving the wealth for my works, my vision


This is an investment offer and the reason you receive the crazy odd of 1-10000 is because I am not a public verified famous beings but just a random guy.


Frankly, the amount of money I am looking is about $8000-$10,000 USD/Euro.


I need to use that funds to cover the equipment and travel expense for a full fair releasing, also I want to see the whether the rest of this civilization truly want to save their life, their world or not.


You can send me your investment money via either cryptocurrency or bank transfer (including fast money transfer).


For Cryptocurrency:

Bitcoin BTC:

bc1qn3hqhwsnr69q9mxxakrspfdyyyww3vvdxs7m5c .


Ethereum ETH:

0x98D9eB47F22c506B132386E89cb4C8e459020740 .


Litecoin LTC:

ltc1qcnme3gc4grjh6r2a0j4h0y4w2ujr2qsldn8smv .


BitcoinCash BCH:

bitcoincash:qr72mycr504m50as0082e7s4luhpwl3c2s0z9q4q45 .


eCash XEC:

ecash:qpukxn0mrdengkrhfjxedqgapa9vzvgzusr3ezsdqq .


For Bank Transfer: contact me directly to receiving bank account information or personal information for fast money transfer.

For communication contact info: you can found at website www. ascension joy .com .


I open all the communication channel from phone, email to messenger apps, physical meeting.


You won’t able to this opportunity again.

One thing for sure, you will gain the secret sacred knowledge wisdom that above at least 99.9999% people in this civilization.


I want it become an epic event for the civilization changing information releasing.


Remember the deadline is September 18th 2023 16.00 GMT.


Feel free to contact me if you need any more information about this investment opportunity.


This is the plan B from me.

There is no time left that is why I must to do the plan B along with the plan A of national government, military at the same time.


I can only give offer and opportunity to this civilization, I am not going waste my time and my works for the normal way.


This is the mortal humans helping and cure solution releasing.


Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

The Lord Of Lords

The King Of Kings