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As a university academic, and former pharmacist, whose speciality is misinformation, disinformation and fake news, I have been very active of late in collecting (and writing) papers appearing in medical journals that provide evidence and arguments against the COVID-19 vaccines. Below is a summary of some of the recent papers I find to be most concerning.


Vaccine effectiveness and safety exaggerated


An article appearing in the Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, including BMJ Editor Peter Doshi amongst its authors, discusses several biases that, if not accounted for, indicate that the effectiveness of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines in observational studies is being heavily exaggerated. The most important appears to be one many of us have worried about from the beginning, the dubious ‘case-counting window bias’, which concerns the seven days, 14 days or even 21 days after the jab where we are meant to overlook jab-related issues, particularly poor effectiveness, as “the vaccine has not had sufficient time to stimulate the immune system”. In an example using some data from Pfizer’s clinical trial, the authors show that thanks to this bias, a vaccine with effectiveness of 0%, which is confirmed in the hypothetical clinical trial, could be seen in observational studies as having effectiveness of 48%.


Relevant to the question over whether the COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective, whether the benefits outweigh the risks, are issues like vaccine effectiveness and safety being exaggerated, COVID deaths being exaggerated, and COVID vaccine deaths being underreported.


We recently noted that VAERS in the US has many adverse effects and deaths reported for the COVID vaccines, and the situation may be worse as VAERS is historically underreported, but the powers that be are happy to explain that such reports are unverified, because, you know, they aren’t verifying them. We’ve also noted that many doctors are hesitant to report on COVID vaccine side effects. Now we learn from small German news outlet Apollo News that the German authorities haven’t been able to verify their many VAERS-like reports of COVID vaccine adverse effects as there are so many of them. Source. Those doubtful of smaller news outlets will be happy to know that major English-language fact-checkers have also noted that many of Germany’s reported COVID vaccine adverse effects have gone unverified. Source.


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