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I The Savior Is Selling The Sacred New Global Financial System Information

Source, More Info: www.ascension joy .com/11/2023/i-the-savior-is-selling-the-sacred-new-global-financial-system-information/


Knowledge is power.

Power is asset, wealth.


I the real Savior legend have shared and revealed the Divine World Solution document for free to the public already. And you should now know whether I am a real deal or not.


Now I am holding the divine sacred new global monetary financial system information (craft, discovered by myself 100%).


But those information are super sensitive, beyond any information I have revealed so far, thus I cannot share it for free to the public.

I can only share it to the beings who truly want it and via private communication.


The information of sacred new world financial system I have now is including both theory, explanation, implementation. Especially it has the fiat currency exchange rate formula in both a real full fiat money system and the hybrid system (between natural asset currency and fiat currency).


That set of system is the vision for many hundreds years to come in this civilization, normal mortal humans just cannot craft it for sure because only super high level beings like me can create that things.


Here is the price (for only group because there is no any single person will buying it but mostly for certain group).

1 copy (for maximum 15 people/beings): $13,000 USD.

2 copies (30 people/beings): $25,000 USD.

3 copies (45 people/beings): $36,000 USD.

4 copies (60 people/beings): $47,000 USD.

5 copies (75 people/beings): $58,000 USD.

6 copies (90 people/beings): $68,000 USD.

For more than that number, please mix between.


Using rules: only for read (only people beings in that group buy), not allowed to buy/sell/share/trade under all circumstances.

I am accepting USD through cryptocurrency such as USDT, USDC and bank transfer.


This is limited time offer, the deadline is about 60 hours from now, so it would be the November 15th 2023 (15-11-2023).


I am not going to share it for free because there are too many bad beings will take advantage of it. And only beings who willing to take risk are worth to receive hidden secret divine power/energy from this divine sacred information written by the real Savior.


What if you have the insider information of who will be the winner of a sport match? You would become rich through betting on that player !

That is similar with my kind of information and even beyond that because it is for a macro world problem.


I am promise and guaranteed that I am will never ever reveal this document to the public for free. At best only one next system never the whole (if there is not any buyer).


Feel free to contact me for any kind of discussion, negotiation.


Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

The Lord Of Lords

The King Of Kings


Source, More Info: www.ascension joy .com/11/2023/i-the-savior-is-selling-the-sacred-new-global-financial-system-information/


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