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The Quickest Way To Spread Freedom Peace Is Real Useful Knowledge Wisdom

Source: https://ascension joy .com/11/2023/the-quickest-way-to-spread-freedom-peace-is-real-useful-knowledge-wisdom/


The highest level of life is knowledge, wisdom.

That is what separate between the rich vs the poor, the stupid vs the smart.


There are 2 kind of freedom, peace: community, nation and personal individual.


That is the easy information overall.


If want to go into deeper details it will mostly related to money, finance issue.


A real nation freedom is happen when they can fully control their monetary financial system of their own nation.


While for personal, individual is pretty much the same but include some other stuffs of development, evolution.


In order to complete that task, you must using various tools such as books, video, games, app, etc.


But the most important is “invest” in the one who can produce useful knowledge, wisdom !


Unfortunately, the top leaders top entities are too stupid, did not realize that fact, that is why I a self-claimed Savior Messiah Buddha was trying to help this civilization but just did not have enough tools, equipment to do that.


How can you spread your books or make videos, games, apps without computer, machine and time, foods ?

It is just an impossible task.


In my current situation, even if I want to sell book for $1 dollar or even just want to accept money donation through bank card from all of you, it is just not possible since I am living in a third world nation, while most big tech company only priority, accept other higher standard countries.


It is hard to change public society policy because it related to many ignorance groups entities but it is very easy to help any person to evolve, to become better version of themselves.


Overall, only real useful knowledge wisdom can bring peace, freedom to any nation or any individual human beings.


Best Regard,

The Savior

The Lord Of Lords

The King Of Kings


Source: https://ascension joy .com/11/2023/the-quickest-way-to-spread-freedom-peace-is-real-useful-knowledge-wisdom/