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This is what's known as manufactured consent.

  1. The US and many Western Countries have labeled HAMAS a terrorist organization which terrorist laws mean, since they are written so vague, that you have to neither be neutral or condemn HAMAS. The reason for this is in law there are what's known as " General undisputed facts" which would mean they can do basically whatever they want in Gaza. Since it actually is disputed by 182 countries that HAMAS is the legal governing body of Gaza they have to attempt to silence these criticisms through public consensus. The reason is that if Israel destroys HAMAS as a governing body under international law they would be required to return the land, rebuild a governing body, and take care of the Palestinian civilians according to humanitarian requirements. If they are "terrorists" then they don't have to do any of that.

First I would return the question with the question "Have you stopped eating balloons"? Since they are both nonsensical "loaded question"s it would make them at least pause and if they don't get it explain to them what a loaded question fallacy is. Then state "I have no clue if they are a governing body or a terrorist organization; that's for the courts to decide. I'm not an attorney on international law, are you"?

If they try and follow up with "But what HAMAS has done is horrible" Simply reply all governments have

done horrible things" We nuked Japan, UK carpet bombed Dresden. If

they bring up 10/7 simply reply we know some horrible things happened

but we don't exactly what transpired that is for international inspectors and courts.