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It's great you recognize patterns. That will really be benefitial to all, cause I don't know if before there have been pattern recognizers, and they just decided to leave everyone behind, or if they missed out a few things, so here is some help, with love… I tried to share it 2 years ago, that's 730 sunrises and sunsets, well 727 to be exact….but nothing happened, maybe you can help, with love.


a. grab the bible, read what it says about oil being the blood of the earth, and how it isn't to be touched.

B. look at the sales of oil for the last 40 years.

c. grab the sales of "your favorite 'hard-drinks""..

d. you'll see the pattern.

e. oh, the names will match the types too….

save everyone a trip to find the secret formula….


As for Q, maybe you are right, maybe you are wrong….maybe the mistake i did a few months ago, was i kept 2 things when i has only on the Hdouble…'m willing to find out, why not…imma enjoy the bitches one more day though, because something inside of me tells me South West Wilder and good ol' jewman were right……it seems to be a repetitiv pattern….and answer, since that's whats basically done on the 4th yolker, and on Be right Backers…..


so to all ya'lll playa hating dickheads, i do love god, whatever god is….and the book of lies says that god gave up one thing for all….so ya autistic dickhead, if you get to cross the bridge because of something that i do, and that costs me dearly…..i don't want fame…i hate fame, i hate prophets, i hate idols….believe me when i say it, but it would fill my heart with joy…..

may you be well, and hopefully you see the pattern……cause that shit poison for real….