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payin' the cost, but i don't give a shit, well i do,

from the sky to the seas, watching over the land,

Birdman, boy ya da man….


live in a nightmare, but i ain't scared,

seein' patterns everywhere, it's like i'm goin' crazy…………

Call me SWAP, boy i'm your nigga….maybe

that's why god woke me up,

Cause boy does he know i don't give a fuck

Nigga and jewman were right….bytheway

Birdman, nigga, leave the guns in the bushes

Been shitting up bricks, unload 'em to Gussy (Cuff 'em up, light 'em up, bitch)

Boss of the ghetto with the round-shape cookie

Shit one, throw one, nigga, flood the block

If I don't go to jail, nigga, birds gon' flock (Brrr! Brrr!)

Nigga sitting on the toilet, bitch, get off the pot!

The bird just landed so the hood gonna rock

New whips, big chips, the Prada-Gucci shit

Bought mami a fly Benz, the wide, skinny lips

She takes my flight, she holds my weight

While the Port was staked out from state to state