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you obviously don't have to give me answers. I thank you for the few things i've learned, i really appreciate it. And will cherish what i've learned and hopefully put it to good use. As far as "your builders", not impressed at all…. Yeah the whole child trafficking thing, i understood it wasn't part of the plan….and using trump was… so yeah… as far, as everything else, for the time being thank you very much. THe past year has been a waste of time and unnecessary suffering….alot of bullshit too…. but that, we got 6 years on that…. you remind me of all religions…all say the others divide, and all say "fuck around and find out"… about eating raw vs oven…. well the good ol' usa is the king of hansel and gretel then…. but there's no borders anyway… thanks youve taught me evil is just a thought, and well, youve made it clear that so is love, and that yall really never have wanted peace…yall need your balance… oh you've also taught me your reps definitely don't want the cures for anything out…. and as long as you have it your way, you could give a rats ass who lives and who dies… with alot of love and hopefully one day there is a free world…. much love, peace and solace to all.