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you censored me when i did it with love, so now i'll be quiet.

I begged God for salvation and forgiveness.

I begged God for the world's salvation.

Me me me, begged God for the world's salvation….

I'm not here to torture anyone…."God" is doing an excellent job in torturing me.

If you are a 32, or 33rd degree mason, not impressed at all, as a matter of fact pretty much disappointedAs for me, someone just kindly shared that i'm best to focus on myself and what i'm to do…. that person is right…that person dispises this thing….., thanks to Q (really) I gained some knowledge, i'm thankful for it…. if i balance it out, has it been worth it, so far no… maybe in the future…. as for your little digital insults..from mmany…. not impressed…