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The Supreme Court is Deep State?

You gotta be kidding anon?!

John Roberts Knight of Malta… its a secret…POTUS knows…

Leonard Leo Knight of Malta? Supreme Court "King Maker"? Q knows…

Clarence Thomas and Alito controlled by a Billionaire Bohemian Grove member who collects Nazi Memorabilia?

You don't know?



No wait wait…

Who controls the Knights of Malta?

You know the "SOVEREIGN" order of the Knights of Malta?

Whoever that is more than likely controls the Supreme Court OR do you SOMEHOW see it some other way, Patriot?


You know… The SOVEREIGN order is SOVEREIGN so nothing to connect The Order to, right, Karen?


Pope Francis takes control of the Order of Malta

The pope has promulgated a new constitution for the Order of Malta and replaced its leaders, hoping to stop infighting and bring about a reform that some members are contesting. Vatican City September 5, 2022


Pope dissolves Knights of Malta leadership, issues new constitution September 3, 2022


Pope Francis overhauls Order of Malta September 3, 2022


How did Pope Francis change the Order of Malta? Rome Newsroom, Sep 6, 2022


Pope to Order of Malta: after the divisions, it is time for concord Jan 25, 2023

Pope Francis sends a message to the General Chapter of the Order of Malta, called to live in fidelity to the new Constitutional Charter.


Pope Francis visits Malta, urges support for migrants April 2, 2022

Pope Francis took an elevator to board his flight to Malta to "avoid unnecessary strain."

The trip to Malta comes one day after he apologized to Canada's indigenous communities for abuses at residential schools there.