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Dear Americans,

VOTING for a Candidate/going to his rallies, and/or actually supporting him, are two very different things. Most (images prove point) just say you support TRUMP. Bandwagon fans is the term…..See the facts are the following. in 1986 Trump beat the NFL in an anti-trust case….the only reason why they are still operating is because most of you talk alot of shit……but when it comes to the botttom line, Trump said Boycott ATT and they are still around as well…..

Its sad, this 8kun thing, and the American thing, alot of "wisdom", alot of calling people the devil this and that…but the devil said fuck the NFL a loong time ago….but, they are still operational…. you see IMBECILES, instead of going to the stadium to chant FUCK JOE BIDEN (which is pathetic, because you are giving the league money…so they love it… you increase ratings, social media content, and give them money), you might as well FUCKING SUPPORT YOUR PRESIDENT and force them to shut the fuck down……SAME GOES FOR THE CHILD FUCKING SUPPORTING BRITISH…..the english premier league was found guilty in 2015 of the biggest child sex scandal…the fact that that league is still operational, well says one thing…. BRITS SUPPORT CHILD FUCKING…..

you go to christian church? catholic church? YOU ALSO GIVE YOUR MONEY TO SUPPORT CHILD FUCKING…. it's mathematics, finance, common sense…


because AMericans VOTE FOR TRUMP, but if they gotta chose between Thursday Night, or Sunday Night football, and their president, well….the answer is obvious…….