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is the US national anthem based in the Bible?

mostly in the battles between the pharisees and assyrians, or the goliath battle?

The good ol/ Bible…. as a "peer" once told me….the good ol' bible."

so "peers", your "peer" is hurt, traumatized, bothered, angered, honest…sad, by all the lies…. and your "peer" still doesn't understand many things….

alot…. but to the "peer"… sir/madame….your words manipulated me…. and what really bothers me, is knowing a "holy"/"private" moment wasn't such….

that is more embarassing than driving with shit in the pants, or than preparing food for clients with shit in the pants….. But to teh peer i say, hey, maybe he can forgive and maybe not forget, but maybe just let it go…. but it was still holy and sucks it wasn't private….but Peer……the good old bible….i think the anthem of america is based in the bible…..Perhaps you can Possibly share light on the Probable importance…Perhaps, and also, would like to know but understand how Perhaps, Possibly is after Perhappening in the dictionary….but then that only means theres a bonus round or two perhaps, then to the peer….there was peter, paul, and mary….. but then that again Perhaps shows Probably important Possibilities….. however For some reason even then For some reason, the possibility of there being bonus probabilities increases by 2….why?