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Good morning,

It was you who said: "He thinks this level of control is new." So, as a "plea" or maybe to express clearly, I state. "Not really", I had already understood certain, a few things from NG. Also, I was told that being angry was ok, yet not reacting, and it doesn't take a Geni,ou,s, to comprehend I'm failing miserably. So, I share.

"They think we are stupid". Is plural, You no. Me…? Well, I heard that one before alot, and it circles the mind. Also, "Does the thought of evil exist.", when one is recurrent with the statement that harm is being received, and things continue, well, the doubt emerges. Also patterns are important, and as you stated, the relationship with FuFu in the past 6 years, 5 years, 3 years, 2 years, 1 year, is pattern based. I ask for Help. Why? You know my sins. How to pay for them? Trusting Kansas and Grassley, and Patterns, Questions emerge, Probably many. Hopping out of Porches. Kansas City Missouri I've never been to, but I've been to other places, in physical, and in my mind. Places like LA, New York, or Houston, or even sometimes that place Detroit, and that ugly road, 8 mile, it's not a 1-way street….. sometimes depending on traffic, they make one lane go up, and the other go down. SO, why would a person be placed in a position where he is harmed, or ends up harming himself? Out of love? Evenso more, if that person then learns that his actions harm others…. is that love? In a game of 5 D chess, there would be more pieces, so Jeffrey Epstein liked to play chess they say……and there's the question as to why a "loving father" would surround his son with enemies….cause that's what God did with Jesus.

SO am i tanking the test….shit i know that….I've already explained why though.

Do you really see everything? Or are some things just signals that you read? Then are those "signals that you read", what do they represent? Pain? Sadness? Lost? Torment?

He was flying colors a few weeks ago….with two hinderances, yet "The lion has awoken", and what happened? A lovely advice…..and it did, sumup.

The books….dual language. everything, why? Because that's what he learned….and math….So, are they watchers? Builders? The Universe? It's all different, one can't be the other…..and that generates doubt and torment.

Money is not energy…nope…..Money is a word in English.

Money starts with M, as Smoke and Mirrors does.

This Flower is up for sale, I gift it to you. How is it Produced. Originally they come from Japan. One costs $6 dollars, the other $8, aside from that. I'm sad.

Yeah the Gastronomical problems result in loneliness, I am agreeing more and more with that, yet I still have mathematical doubts, because when one divides since 9 is so important 27/3=9, but when one multiplies 27*9, the answer is 243, however, if that does the operation 1,2,or three times then the answer becomes incongruent with the fact that 3.14 is the avg. of D and C in circle, but 726 isn't divisible by 3.14, nor is 486, nor 952, and neither 1195… doubts emerge as to the accuracy of certain mathematical operations, specially since ATL is bigger than DC, and Green is the most important color, well and obviously Yellow.

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please use my authoritah to our best advantage. i cannot possibly know all and i don't even think i want to, yet.

love you

ps a boat would be nice