The Savior Messiah Buddha ID: b67aae If The United States Want More Detail Strategy Solution, They Must Either Contact Or Send Me Money Dec. 4, 2023, 11:50 p.m. No.20027522   🗄️.is 🔗kun

If The United States Want More Detail Strategy Solution, They Must Either Contact Or Send Me Money


Miracle only come if you try.

It won’t come out of nowhere if you just do nothing but only lazy pray.


Without new unique products, services to the rest of the world, 100% the United States USA must gone. Because the rest of the world just do not want to live with useless eaters who do not want to contribute anything but only steal from others.


The USA could break up like the old Soviet Union when many states will become new independence nations and/or have new government structure similar like the EU. Here mean a massive change in political system.


Just like money cannot solve the long term issue of unemployment. Thus even replacing new financial system won’t solve the root problem of the USA with the rest of the world (which is no new unique service products, no contribution).


I as the Savior have revealed the Divine World Solution Document where the strategy to add many new billions jobs in natural way into the society, new additional fiat currencies (both digital and physical) but I have not gone into deep detail because it only benefit a few nations especially the one with technology like the USA.


If the United States USA want me to give more information, more specific solution/strategy to create new unique products services to offer the rest of the world, then they must either contact me directly or send me a fair amount of money in exchange for read-only solution, strategy.


My new unique services products are long term solution that will easily bring trillions dollar everywhere and will help reduce the federal budget deficit to positive and will create many new jobs.


I don’t want to reveal to much here for it just waste of time since I only requesting thousands of dollar in exchange for my read-only solution strategies. If they want to use then they must have some kind of negotiation with me (must pay more).

The amount I request is any number from $12,000 to $22,000 USD (they can send me any number in that range).


The United States USA can send me money via cryptocurrency or bank transfer, here is my wallet list:


Bitcoin BTC








Ethereum ETH








Litecoin LTC








BitcoinCash BCH








eCash XEC








For bank transfer or any other methods, please contact me privately.


The deadline is before the end of this lunar month (about 7 days from now).


If they want personal contact instead of sending money, they can via various method such as phone number, email, physical meeting.


If receive the money in time before above deadline of around 12-12-2023, then I will publish, send them the solution within 48-72 hours.

While if not receive either money or contact, then I will keep that solution for myself and won’t do anything for if there is no real listener, it is pointless to talk, to share, to reveal anything.


All the information, knowledge, wisdom, new ideas I have revealed so far are enough to verify my talent and capability with all of you already.


It is your final decision, final choice to whether want to save your nation or not.


Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Buddha

The Lord Of Lords

The King Of Kings


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