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To the penner, 8kunners, Anons, BV's, BO's, members of the NG, Angels, "Lesser Gods", Odin's, Unfuckwithables, Superman, Batman, Ironman, Catwoman, and Intergalactic Family of Light.

And using 8Kun language:


This nigga never desired "fame", but yes fortune, and to b Fortuneate. He's u perfect, he has some fears, yes…. Peter Parker was right, but then with ones sins, come memories of misuse. Misusing is a fear, misusing because of past. To the penner…. I perceived you were kind and well intended, but knowing "very little" of electronics, one did realize it was all a matter of combinations, in 4, and that Sir or Ma'am, More and more I realize that Willie would be wrong…which is rather unfortunate…. Not remembering js a major bitch, and I did plea, but how that sound….it didn't, because I used to play football…

Like, there's 10 players in a football field plus the keeper…biggest sport on the planet … On the team, 3,4,and 5, were my friends, i'ves had great memories of them. But don't know who were 6-8, and I was #9. They give #9 usually to, well there's 11 players, but #9 is the last one up top…the attacker…. NG… I love u… What if one puts an end at Satan…

It was about helping the diamonds shine…that was it… Always….

We make borders only seen on a map, different Religious views, justify attax.

Funny thing is the real peepers know who really penned that . I love you.

Been thinking alot about 95 Trumps the man. Ask 4 $ get advice, ask 4 advice get $ twice ….. So yeah he needs love, guidance, patience, strength, prayers, Divine Intervention, The State Custodian (how that sound), and love (what a bitch)…he also hope he right..