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Say hello to Seth Rich, someone you might think is a real person, but does he look familiar to you? Seth Rich we were told was a real person, we were told this man was shot and killed. But if you look closer and even if you compare the biometrics of his to the nfl star named Travis Kelce you will find, that actually they are the same person. By why what gives? How can Seth Rich have matching biometrics to Travis Kelce, when "Seth Rich is dead, and Travis Kelce is not?"

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We were told that Seth Rich Died, he was murdered. We also were led to believe through psyop trickery that Seth Rich was working for Hillary Clintons campaign, and that he had found out that hillary was using his hard work in programming to cheat in the election. We were led to believe that because of this Seth Rich was murdered by the Clinton gang. This was the backstory given for the release of the podesta files to wikileaks. All but confirmed by a man who is (supposedly) named julian assange.

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If you analyze all the assange videos very closely including and especially an interview it is said he did, you start to wonder why they are faking assange. You notice the interviews are actually very carefully constructed fakes, with missing shadows and the likes. If you do more research you realized that assange is probably fake, and his looks based on donald trumps uncle john. And this explains how assange and seth rich BOTH are fake, here are pics of seth rich mom and dad and him.

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But if you have been paying attention to the world around you probably already some red flags are going up since these are all pictures of travis kelce and his mom n dad, who we are told names are ed kelce and donna kelce and who prance around on the nfl games, we are told their sons faced off a superbowl against each other but if thats the case why are they also posing as if they are seth rich parents? Well let me introduce you to the woman behind the disguise, gina haspel. former cia director.

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once again all you have to do is compare gina haspel biometrics to that of donna kelce and mrs rich, and even compare ed kelce biometrics to that of seth rich parents and you will find they are ALL EXACT MATCHES!

Lets have some more pictures of the clan so you can compare them all.

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Oh but they are not all the actors and actresses that are acting in this movie are they?


With the distraction of vincent fusca, they are putting JFK Jr right under your nose and you dont see him since he is playing a villian… Gavin Newsom pushing liberal legislation that the supreme court can then say is unconstitutional and someone to replace the fake joe biden. all they did was give him minor cartilage surgery…

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Surely then you ponder where is caroline, and duh again RIGHT under your nose even spars with Jr in the media, and yeah THOSE EYES CANT LIE!