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A lot of people sent me this heated exchange between General Flynn & Dave from X22 and asked for my opinion.

I don’t see anyone else talking about this, so I will.

First, General Flynn is 100% correct:

• Our military abides by the US Constitution

• Our military acts on the…

Oct 17

General Mike Flynn@GenFlynn

Here’s my take on Q…

I believe it is a major psyop and from what I can tell, it or they or whatever or whoever is “running this op” has done a major disservice.

What I see are a bunch of people sitting and waiting for something to happen instead of doing what I have been calling for now for quite some time (LOCAL ACTION).

The nonsense about trump is still the president and the military is coming to the rescue is just that…nonsense.

I wasn’t belittling Dave (he’s a big boy), I was being brutally honest (like it or not or believe it or not).

Rome is burning Nero and the bucket brigade is getting low on water.

And like it or not (I don’t), we have a person in the WH that is there following a constitutional process…note I didn’t say fair election (which I don’t believe occurred).

Lastly, I so respect your smart statement and most definitely appreciate your support as well as Dave’s (I’m a big fan of X22).

I also appreciate the support by many of the digital soldiers who did and do support me.

Thank you will never be enough. However, I want us to face reality for what it is and it is staring us in the face currently and it is ugly.

But never ever give up and trust me, there will always be silver linings, we just have to find them and exploit them as soon and for as long as possible.

God bless



1:13 AM · Oct 19, 2023


Jim Watkins says Q is a major psyop run by Media Matters and George Soros!

Of Course the QAnon Guy Blamed QAnon on George Soros

In sworn testimony before the Jan. 6 committee, Jim Watkins claimed QAnon was invented by George Soros and Media Matters. 04 January 2023, 11:05am


Jim Watkins, who helped facilitate the rise of QAnon to become a violent conspiracy movement that has infected large parts of the Republican Party, told the Jan. 6 committee that in fact,QAnon was invented by George Soros.

The transcript of Watkins’ June 2022 interview with the committee was published on Tuesday evening and reveals that the founder of 8kun, the platform where the anonymous leader of QAnon posted thousands of messages,

not only denied being behind QAnon but went one step further and claimed it was nothing more than a fiction created by the left to stifle independent thought.

“QAnon is manufactured by the left-wing media, and it’s probably put out mostly by a company called Media Matters, which is, I believe, funded by a man named George Soros,”

Watkins said in testimony that was given under the penalty of perjury. “It’s manufactured. It’s not anything to do with my website. I’ve used the term a couple times, and that’s before I realized what it even was.”

Watkins claimed to the committee’s investigators that Soros and Media Matters colluded to invent the QAnon movement in order to ”make it a boogeyman” because “they don’t like people thinking for themselves.”


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Soros takes orders fromP.

You have no idea how sick and evil these people are.

Fight, fight, fight.

Day of days.

Game over.



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