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To the et's on both sides i don't care.


leave me alone.

i know there are alos others here, in case you thinking of B…

and yeah, i'll go nuklear on my own i don't care.

so check this shit out…. i'm not interested anymore whether your name is peter, mary, joseph, paul, thomas, or mark, even if its sandy.

the digital tough nuts check my resume.

probably can also look at tracks.

so, yeah i spent years loooking at faces in my nightmares,

no need to look at them for free on a shitty edited map.

by the way, "if the world is watching" which it ain't.

a. in 2013 Otto Perez MOlina and Roxanna baldetti won the election in guatemala, it was hacked, money is in SIngapore and Hong KKong. DOne through offshore accounts - my duty as a civilian.


as i shared with FAKE TRUMP, the cures for mahy diseases have been available since 1899. Both Merck and Bristol Myers Squibb published them.

Also, if you are family,, well, then i'd get to hacking the code and giving mankind and humanity all that bullshit that you imbeciles talk about movies - referring to the matrix and independence day, and also, well, you give people what they deserve in terms of the money from the church.

as far as vatican being taxes, yeah, i don't give a shit

fuck you all have a nice day, as you know i already know all the cities and towns are fake, thanks to sacrificing my life for undeliverables…. and fake promises….. disappointed…. but then again….Alaska…..

again, if money is energy, i gave you enough trophies and hours that well, let me know at what rate the chips on the nile pay, that way i can send an invoice, because this summer in the island, well i filled the fucknig ocean……