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I am very tired, hurt, confused, and angry.

I am hopeless. Why?

Research? For what seriously? I ask?

To read and read, to find Kentucky and see not changed? To be realized that the predetermined plan (made with love, supposedly), checks your son? Ever play chess? Know anything about energy?


What happens when u surround a current? Or a pawn?

No…. I now know it wasn't about research. The books have multiple meanings. Multiple codes…things change… dealt confusion. What happens when u realize you've been poisoned….and there is one creator….

You know I began reading with so much enthusiasm….. Researched here, researched there, researched out, researched in. Held u close and u spat me out. I got lost in the books, u KNKW it. U know I curse at u because I am in Latin, because I love u, because I saw U and we were betrayed….. U want me to follow agent salt? For what? If you saw I read Moses and followed him to u. Lonely planet? Yes. What happened with the declass? Two years and it never came….. Game life right. No I'm not your game. I don't trust u, or anyone I don't trust Q it's obviously CIA. I know some got trapped looking for inexistent salvation. You told me to fly, and then u set the shit up for me to be on a plane that would crash and turn to ashes.

I know there's loving creators I do.

Here u go. Seems good old Jesus had a baby brother.

To me you are king and queen whoever u are.

But I KNKW I don't belong, here in heaven