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Proof Evidence Explanation Why The Masters From China Is 1 Level Above The Rest Of Mortal Realm


In the current mortal realm, the China often be called as the “police of the world” but that is not true, but only the “Masters” who behind the screen (not the one who appear in the public affair that you see on the mainstream media).


Now as a self claim “Bodhi” beings, I am going to give you proof, evidence and explanation for that reason.


Proof 1:

  • China banned all the black magic, new manipulating religions/groups.


  • The West and many other nations was/are promoting it.

Example: Falun Dafa group


I have even gave a direct name with website address of a similar corrupt group that received direct support from the Vietnamese Authority but the world military and the rest of other nations did not do anything but just silence and let that group continue attacking and preventing me from find the new direction, new solution for world peace.



It is easy to say “all people are equal” and “do anything they want”.

But you cannot promote wrong activities in modern era.

All those group only fit in the “jungle”.

If those group only do their action in the “jungle”, do need to take any action. But when it get to the level of promoting in all the big cities and exist in the online internet then it MUST BE SHUT DOWN at all cost.


Just compare between a healthy diet vs those mind manipulation practice, which one really help the people ?! Here I mean the healthy diet that get tested via the military group not the popular one on the mainstream media.


You cannot say “it just like old ancient religion so let them do anything they want”.

The old religions exist in the ancient times when there is no any technology machine exist yet or in another words there were no better choice at that old timelines of thousands years ago.

Therefore, old religions are allowed at the timeline.


But now after the exist of internet, machine, technology, that is a different story.

You must ask and wonder: “is there better better choice/practice than that for humans to choose, to do ?”.

And the answer is obviously YES.


That is why a real high level beings will BAN all the current new mind manipulating actions/groups while the low level will allow it.


Proof 2:

  • China banned the digital cryptocurrencies after years of testing.


  • The West and many other nations still promoting that unsuitable cryptocurrencies instead of finding a new digital currency model.


I go against both the cryptocurrencies and the new “Central Bank Digital Currency” (CBDC) because of 2 reasons:

  • They are no difference than any video game currency and no difference than the current national fiat money currency.

  • The level of the overage public people are way too low, not yet ready for those thing in this current timeline (maybe the next 50-100 years) but probably not now.


Instead for spending resources and trying to create a new currency model, why keep insisting promoting cryptocurrency or the CBDC ?


Because they do not have the “creative” of a real MASTER !


What is the solution for the current currency war/conflict ?

My new digital stone currency model that I have revealed and shared via private mode 2 months ago !


Proof 3:

  • The West promoting/allowing the Islamic culture in their home country with the famous “refugee welcome” but the correct slogan should be “just invade my nation and destroy my nation with your outdated daily life practices.


  • The China, Japan, Korea do not have that kind of stupidility.


Sorry folks but you just cannot destroy your own country by letting others “invade” your nations like what happening in West Europe.


Do all people are equal?

The answer is “no” if you use all metric and “yes” if you use the “raw body without spiritual/soul).


So we are all difference.

If I was the leader from the West Europe such as the EU or the UK, I will probably not only ban all the “economic refugees” but also have a program to prevent all the non-Christians or other old religion followers to move to live, to establish new life, non-religions one are accepted.


Because the goal is to educating people that religion is for studying but not for blind following till death.


All above examples, proof and explanation are the best possible answer to answer the question “why the Masters from China (Asia) are the world police and 1 level above the rest” (of course here I mean the current affair in the current mortal, do not count some special case like me for I even above those Chinese Masters).


I hope the rest can wake up and fix your own mistake with actions of a high evolved beings.


If the West nations do not do quick, they will probably face the destruction very soon (they already dying, collapsing).


Best Regard,

Vision Bodhi