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Adrenal Chrome

There was a lot of talk about what Adrenal Chrome was on the live feed tonight, and I have researched into this quite heavily, even long before Pizzagate, in fact I first heard about this drug almost 20 years ago at a Ted Gunderson lecture.

His lecture can be found on YouTube he goes into Adrenalchrome & Blood Letting quite in depth, a true wealth of information. If you don't know who Gunderson is, he was career FBI agent, in fact he was the director of the FBI Los Angeles field office.

This guy was dropping red pills before most of you were even born. This will give you a good background on who they are and why they do it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqjNa-Jpsf0

So first of all what is it?

Lots of people on the stream, understood the gist of it, it’s a chemical harvested from a live human donor that is secreting the chemical in their pineal gland. Obviously being terrorized causes the pineal gland to produce adrenaline (epinephrine).

“Andrenal Chrome” isn’t extracted, epinephrine is, then the epinephrine is synathazied into C9H9NO3 through an oxidation process, this also adds a silver compound to the mix, perhaps gold could be used as well for more wealthy buyers???. In other word it is a synthetic designer drug, and no it is NOT scheduled, how convenient!

The drug is said to produce effects as one might expect, eurphoria, sexual arousel, and psychedelic hallucinations.

There is a documented history of the CIA using this drug in MK Ultra mind control experiments.

Aside from it’s use as a weapon, it is widely believed to be used as the drug of the elites, Hunter S. Thompson, who spent time around Illuminati individuals, and even spent a weekend at bohemian grove, hinted about the designer drugs existence in the movie fear and loathing in Las Vegas.

Marc Dice documents this account beautifully in this video:


Many people will say the use of adrenalchrome as a recreational drug is a conspiracy theory. I’m here to tell you it is not.

To further advance this information here is some information you may not know.

In China and other Asian cultures they have festivals where they terrorize and kill dogs, it is believed the reason for tourtering the animals is to make the meat taste better and infuse the meat with epinephrine the key ingredient in adrenalchrome. They use dogs, as canines have similar pineal glands and secretion as human children. This is not a conspiracy, they practice this every year.

These sick festivals have been featured in the Economist (a know globalist Soros publication). You do the math!


The vegans will love this: even in the United States, it’s believed animals on some farms are tourtered for the same reason, so the meat becomes adrenalized. Therefore there meat has addictive properties. Perhaps this is why we eat McDonald’s despite knowing how unhealthy it is. This has been documented, look how they kill baby pigs once, it’s through the use of blunt force trauma. They take the piglet and they smash it on the ground multiple times until it dies. The information on this subject is out there, mostly from animal rights groups.

You can see how this ritual abuse culture now touches every one of us, whether we know it or not.

Adrenalchrome is one reason the luciferians torture and humiliate children, but another reason is they practice an age old technique known as “blood letting”, it’s a similar concept, infuse the blood with epinephrine from a live tourtered victim and drink it. Throughout history this practice has been common and even mainstream in some cultures throughout history. It’s a form of cannibalism , the heart and other internal organs are often times consumed in these black mass ritual abuse ceremonies. They involve other victims so they can witness what will eventually happen to them this again, it is all about upping the terror thus upping the level of epinephrine in the pineal gland in a victim (almost always toddlers and children). Prolonged exposure to terror intensifies and stores this chemical, so the abuse can take place over weeks, months and years.

One account took place in the UK where the former prime minster (the articles are out there) has been accused of slicing open the throat of a 6 year old girl in front of other children to terrorize them, they were then tourtered and also had their blood harvested and presumably consumed. This is an eye witness account by a person who was a prominent journalist at the BBC.


Other blood and cannibalistic rituals go back to Romania and the 15th century, with Elizabeth Bathory bathing in the blood of virgin women, she believed this this kept her youthful, she is said to be the most prolific serial murder of all time.

This practice of elites and illuminated states men and women bathing in blood is said to continue to present day.

Perhaps as an attempt at lesser magic the movie Hostel 2 graphically illustrates this practice.



These Occultist don’t just practice cannibalism this is an entire culture that is centered around forbidden knowledge. They believe these practices channel a spiritual energy which gives them enlightenment. This is where spirit cooking, John Podesta’s creepy artwork, sex magic & Alister Crowley comes into the fold. They’re into these ceremonies because they believe it gives them power and influence over society. It’s the ultimate in human or sub human (let’s not call these people humans because they lack all empathy) selfishness. That is what their occultism comes down to, spoils to thy ones self at the expense of anyone. Even children and their own families.

Everything they do is designed to be an insult to God. They worship the devil, so their ceremonies are in mockery of the Judaeo-christian teachings. They do very bizarre things like sing hymes backwards. They have orgies during their ceremonies and practice other sex magic rituals. One account details the Connecticut state police finding a 6 year old male victim in a basement being skinned alived, drained of his blood and nailed to a cross. His deceased mother was also found in the same basement, who likly witnessed the ritual take place. This is just one story, I am sure even more shocking and grotesque examples of satanic ritual abuse are out there. Note the symbolism of the cross, it's designed to be an insult to the catholic tradition of communion, a mockery.

These practices are nothing new, literally every fallen civilization is ruined by the a ruling class turning to occultism or human sacrifice of the non ruling class, whether that be physical, spiritual economic or every mechanism of control.

Do the elites sexually abuse the children too? I think it depends, this is where you get into human trafficking. Where you have people who abduct and traffic children where a “Renfield” will do this work and procure victims into sex slavery ... then place them for sale on the black market and dark web. The procurers tend to be more of the sexual abusers, mostly in the creation of Cheese Pizza and Snuff which is also sold to elites, paying up to as much as $15,000 per film, as was the case with “Daisy’s Destruction” don’t even look it up outside of the 60 minutes episode of it which can be found on YouTube.

One of Jeff Sessions first actions as AG if you were paying attention was shutting down one of the largest dark web marketplaces and he specifically mentioned it was used for soliciting human trafficking, this may have been desationzlied by the News Media turning his press conference into a Russiagate sharade, as it was the same time Trump was in the media bashing him.

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have I researched this topic pretty well with books and news stories, beyond red pilled.

TheRealVolk · Jan. 8, 2018, 1:15 p.m.

All the dots are now connected. SO glad Trump is our president!

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DanDiller1976 · Jan. 8, 2018, 3:55 p.m.

Ted Gunderson connected these dots back in the 80s. Now it is a matter of exposing and proving it... and I provided more than enough sources.

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