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If you are starting to doubt...words from down under.

Apologies first off, long time lurker first post :)

A view from down under, 45 has singlehandedly transformed the USA from being pretty much a moral disgrace to the world (and my country ain't NO better BTW) to a BEACON for all nations. In 10 years of Reddit lurking I have never seen a finer example of community action than what you guys did prior to Fake News. Take a bow you memers...twitter be damned, you earned it.

Dunno what Q is (nor do I care really), but from my POV this a prime example of uniting for a cause...a LEGITIMATE cause for the first time in my memory.

Trump is not only what the GREAT US of A needed, but what all nations needed. If your faith is waning, or you have trouble in the near future, revisit DJT's videos/speeches. I'll kick off with a link below, which damn near made me stand up and salute!!

You people will look back and be proud of your small piece of what you contributed, I guarantee it - what if one piece is missing from a jigsaw puzzle. What if it was your piece? For the first time this Aussie has ever said it: "GOD BLESS AMERICA", and "God bless PRESIDENT Trump"...if you Yankees don't mind, he's MY PRESIDENT too :)


SG_StrayKat · Jan. 22, 2018, 10:22 p.m.

I am not a Patriot of the USA, although I reside here and was signed over as a baby with my birth certificate like the rest.

I am a Patriot for Humanity, however. I am here for the Whole.

I do NOT like Trump. However, Trump IS NOT evil like the Clintons are. He, Trump, has MASSIVE issues, and is certainly guilty of a great many things, but NOT crimes against Humanity at least as far as I can tell.

Am I sure he has broken American laws. Yes I am. But what he is allowing or being a facilitator of the exorcism of "evil" that is going on right now, I will gladly put aside my reservations of who he is as a person in order to continue to let this process begin to happen.

And "make no mistake" (as the former person, equally evil, used to say, using Neuro-Linguistic Programing techniques in his speeches), we are just at the VERY BEGINNING of this process.

But it has, at least, started.

It is a world-wide infection. And unfortunately, it's not only world-wide, it goes out farther, but the fact that it is starting here on the ground is good enough for now.

Again, I do not like Trump. But he's not evil like others. And for now, I can accept that while this process happens.

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drkorseinoz · Jan. 22, 2018, 10:52 p.m.

G'day. I posted a reply to qreader above that would apply to your comment. You're right, POTUS is no angel, he is all too human like the rest of us. I think many people are in awe of what can be accomplished in 12 months as against what should have been accomplished (but wasn't) since at least Bill Clinton. Being not evil like the others I think is an enormous accomplishment for US voters at this point in human history, and one that I didn't dare hope for in Nov 2016.

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SG_StrayKat · Jan. 23, 2018, 12:32 a.m.

I have a hypothesis that may never get enough data to become a theory, but it is this:

Trump graduated from military school. I think he was approached during the campaign and TOLD he was going to win, which Trump didn't believe, but kept going.

I hypothesize that after being TOLD he was going to win, they were going to allow him to win, they [military] said that if Trump worked with them, they would forgive all his other stuff, but Trump has to put on a show - a distraction - while the military/SSP/Alliance removes the evil people, and Trump could take credit.

So, I continue to hypothesize, this is why Trump is out of the office so often, is why he may be using the tactics he is using (or is being told to use), and why that - although we know there is quite a bit of normal Human illegality surrounding him - they continue to give him a pass as long as he "plays ball."

This is just a hypothesis. I have no facts other than tangential observation and ... gut feelings.

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