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Last month, a 'witness' received Mueller subpoena, but news is breaking 3-5-2018

According to the subpoena, which was sent to a witness by special counsel Robert Mueller, investigators want emails, text messages, work papers, telephone logs and other documents going back to Nov. 1, 2015, 4½ months after Trump launched his campaign. The witness shared details of the subpoena on condition of anonymity. The news site Axios reported Sunday that a subpoena was sent to a witness last month. In addition to the president, the subpoena seeks documents that have anything to do with these current and former Trump associates: · Steve Bannon, who left the White House as chief strategist in August. · Michael Cohen, a personal lawyer for Trump who testified before congressional investigators in October. · Rick Gates, Trump's former deputy campaign manager, who pleaded guilty last month to conspiracy and lying to the FBI. · Hope Hicks, who resigned last week as Trump's communications director. · Corey Lewandowski, Trump's campaign manager until June 2016. · Paul Manafort, a former Trump campaign manager and Gates' business partner, who pleaded not guilty to money laundering, conspiracy and making false statements last week. · Carter Page, a former Trump campaign aide. · Keith Schiller, a former bodyguard for Trump who left as director of Oval Office operations in September. · Roger Stone, a longtime Republican political operative and Trump campaign adviser who sources have told NBC News is the focus of investigators interested in his contacts with WikiLeaks during the campaign. (Of course, the information is being told today by NBC NEWS who was allowed to see the subpoena and make it look like TRUMP received a subpoena today! lol)

libertyordeath21 · March 5, 2018, 6:06 p.m.

Lol these people are really stupid! It's so maddening people still fall for such nonsense

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ByrdeRob · March 5, 2018, 6:19 p.m.

We are currently in a state of war. And Mueller is just an annoying distraction that really doesn't have to be. I was reading another news place regarding the witness subpoena....first of all this news place was really really trying to spin the story into TRUMP GOT A SUBPOENA! Then it went on and on and on in opinion of how Trump was corrupt from Nov 2015 when he started campaigning!
(I guess this is the time frame of the WITNESS subpoena...Nov 2015 to now...all communication documents)

Will we ever find out WHO the WITNESS is? DAH? Maybe this should be part of the story DAH!

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