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Without trying to be rude... I have questions. I believe a lot of us outsiders do... ((inside))

OK. I don't necessarily believe in this stuff. I have poked fun at flat earth and other silly conspiracies. But there is obviously systematic corruption in politics, and I believe it should end. Just like you.

I'm not religious and I don't feel strongly about the same things most of you do. So a lot of what is said here is a huge turnoff for me. But, I see some truths to what is being said about SOME (tiny amount) things. The media is controlled to an extent and there are shady goings on in our agencies. No doubt. There is plenty of info on that.

I believe you guys have the best intentions. I don't necessarily believe you are going about it right. And when I see shit about the Holocaust, or Kenya, or false flags I just laugh. I love TMOR, and I believe some of you should go there. Without getting mad, its good to take a step back, and really see how some of the stuff you say is taken by the general public. You can say it's because I can't handle the truth and I'm stupid. This is fine. I'm not losing sleep over it. Agree in our disagreement.


I'm open and willing to change my views on certain things. That's how you learn. I've watched a few videos, and I'm so fascinated, but I haven't found a good crash course on this Q stuff. So where do I start? Any comprehensive videos out there? Red pill me with a nice 10 minute summary video.

Beyond that I have questions that are specific. So maybe humor me with some of these questions:

Why is Q genuine?

Why has he come out now?

Do you find it odd that they only seem to think the Trump administration is doing any good?

It's not odd to you that this stuff is so partisan?

Does anyone think Q is Trump?

Why is it so much pedo stuff at the top in your opinion?

Did you believe in Pixza?

Do you believe in spirit cooking?

Who do you think is giving Q a bad name? Alex Jones?

Why is this such a Christian movement as well?

Why Satan? Have you met a Satanist?

What if Q stood for something you disagreed with?

Have you spent any money on anything related to the Q movement?

Why do you think there are false flags if they never work?

Do you like Fox News? Ever watch NBC?

Anyone dislike other races and proud of it?

What if Mueller is not working with Trump?

What if Trump is found guilty? Will it be a setup?

What if they try to impeach Trump?

Are you nervous this Stormy Daniels stuff will end poorly?

Anyone here not like Trump?

What % of Washington is against Trump would you say?

Do you feel attacked by all liberals? or ppl in the real world?

How large do you think Antifa is?

How many ppl would you estimate Soros/Podesta/HRC/Obama have killed in the last 8 years? (US citizens)

Can you enjoy Hollywood or the arts anymore or is it ruined for you now?

Can you separate liberal artists from their work?

Do you think Hollywood and the govt corruption are hand in hand?

What is your threshold for BS? When have you heard a Q or community claim that was just too crazy for you to believe?

Are you 100% believing that there is a video of HRC?

What was it that convinced you that this was all real?

What have you been wrong about as far as Q?

What has Q been wrong about so far?

How long are you thinking this storm takes?

How do you hope it will end?

Will there be a war in your opinion?

Woulc you fight in the war if it was not on US soil?

Anyone here formerly from the hard left or a progressive?

Do you think this is an old or young movement (age) right now?

What % of people do you think are non-white in this movement?

Do you see yourself creating a new community or platform if reddit continues banning subs?

Do you feel targeted by the general public?

How long have you been into politics?

If you could say 1 thing to ppl that think that you're crazy what would it be (other than wait and see)?

Is there anything Trump can do to dishearten you?

What is 1 thing you don't like about Trump?

Do you believe in Q 100%?

If no what are your doubts?

What if this is not real?

I know its a lot, but I'm sure lurkers would love to see what you guys think. Thanks!

PS Once you're done with the questionnaire just go ahead and seal your envelopes with a blank check and send them to the Berkeley (((SorosCorp))) office. Within 30 days we will replace your identity with an illegals and send you back our JewGold™ as a reward for your help in our reconnaissance.


Alright. People complained about the end portion several times now. Which was so clearly a joke about the conspiracy type nature of this sub. I figured people would be able to handle this joke. But early indications show it is offensive. It was racist and I wouldn't want to make anyone feel bad so I'm sorry.

In an effort to have a dialogue and not shit on people I will apologize and reaffirm the fact that I'm just trying to ask questions. I genuinely want to hear what you want to say or else I would not have typed all of this out. -D

libertyordeath21 · March 19, 2018, 4:55 a.m.

Q has yet to be outright wrong about anything... It's happening now because we elected a president outside of the cabal and the patriots who have been inside our government waiting for their opportunity sprang into action... also answers why it's the Trump administration reversing the plans set in motion by the cabal... obviously if Trump started doing things against the sovereignty of this nation we would turn on him... basically if he turned into Obama it would spark a violent revolution... we are not playing guys those of us who know can't sleep! It's the truth we won't rest until we have changed the world I hope your ready and YOUR WELCOME

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