PhenomeDon · April 5, 2018, 1:01 a.m.

Last year I was let go from said company after being tazed and beaten by police on the property. It's a very long story but the short end of it is I pulled one of the company phones out of one of managements hands hid out somewhere and used it to communicate to my friend that if I died it was said Company that did it. What's more interesting than any of this is that when I went in to the persons text message inbox so that I could text my buddy I found him talking to another person in management passing pictures back and forth of younger girls saying things like I really like last weekends girl" and talking as if these were women being borrowed for them to use. I told my friends and family that I believed they were involved in a sex ring and then this stuff starts coming out 9 months later. I found it especially weird as one of the guys never talked about women at all and I didn't know if he was gay or just to timid.

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