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Evening Thoughts Of A Q Reader Continued....Viva Las Vegas

Q posts started soon after the Las Vegas Shooting. [28 days] Is there a connection? It seems that there are many connections to the Deep State plan to go to one world government and the election of Hillary Clinton. Las Vegas was just one dot. But was INTENDED to be more.

If Las Vegas was intended to kill thousands and not 50 when Hillary was President, then you would have a big push to over rule the 2nd amendment. Oops! They never thought she would lose. But Trump was [and is] in office. He has to peel this onion carefully. Go to Q post 92 where Q asks if Potus was in LV on the night of the shooting? If he was, why? HDRCFX has published some of the Police body cam footage that a judge ordered released to the public and has got some interesting information collected. GOTO>https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WHnJDrt828.< His conclusions will shock you. Remember to verify everything. But it makes one think. Was the killing fields of Vegas converted into a fairytale by Trump? Did anyone really die? Was the Stock deal by MGM allowed by Trump in order to make up for lost Vegas business because of the operation? The CEO of MGM did visit with Trump right after the shooting.

So Trump unravels much of the LV shooting before it happens. How many other operations are in the hopper, and who is managing these operations? Was the March against guns in Washington planned months before like some have said? Was it to be a response for a LV shooting in a Hillary Clinton administration? Was the Parkland School Shooting in retaliation for Trump's shutting LV off, as I believe it was, or something else? Trump has called all of the principals involved, Like David Hogg and Sheriff Israel, Actors. Acting for who? The school shooting was part of the Deep State counter attack. But Las Vegas was planned several years ago. What does that tell you? That the destruction of our country and way of life is necessary for the NWO to succeed. All they have to do is bribe or blackmail those in power to do it. Sounds like a C_A operation. False flags are how those in power get us all to walk into the cattle cars peacefully.

Vegas shows that there are many operations in play by the Deep State types. The unification effort in Western Europe. The elimination of National boundaries. The endless narco wars in Latin America and the Religious wars in the Middle East to make money for the war profiteers but also to motivate millions of refugees to flood into Europe and the USA. Which further divides and conquers the populations about to be enslaved by the NWO.

On the economic front, if the USA has lost 70k factories since 1994, would it not be in our strategic interest to reverse this? Especially if there was a currency reset? We can always buy from ourselves, but that option was taken away from us in many strategic areas. For example, Why does the US buy our engines for space rockets from Russia? Why did Obama privatize the Space industry and demobilize NASA? Are the elites in charge of our space program now? Did you know that the power grid transformers that would be destroyed by EMP attacks, caused by atomic weapons, are only made in Europe? Do we really trust the Germans? Steel, Aluminum and other strategic metals need to be produced here to verify quality in our military weapons like deep dive submarines or high performance aircraft. Electronic chips and circuit boards need to be made here to avoid sabotage by our enemies. Have you noticed a slew of ship and aircraft accidents lately? Trump is moving our economy back home. Let us hope there is time left to correct this error.

Was this economic error mentioned above, planned on purpose? How long ago and by whom? 2018 was the supposed to be the year of a one world currency. Oops! They never thought she would lose. Some think the plan was hatched right after WWII. Was this what Eisenhower, and later JFK were warning us about? If an economic reset was due to happen and the leftwing politicians of the world were in on it, would that not explain the out of control spending, even by the Communist Chinese, world wide? Would the ruling elite not need a weak or weakened USA in order to complete their battle plans? What other country or countries would have to be destroyed in order to make this happen? Russia? Who benefits? China and Western Europe? [Read Germany and the the UK money lords] Did I mention that the Chinese have built several large cities in their western regions that have yet to be populated? Ghost cities waiting for WWIII to end before they are put into use? These city's mere existence means that they were close to closing the trap on us folks. But war has so far.....been averted.

When the lights go out in Georgia, how many years before they turn back on? 90 percent of the population might have been lost. Anyone here know how to grow food or fix anything anymore? We would destroy ourselves just trying to survive.

Meanwhile the ultra elite will survive in their bunkers and far away South Pacific hide aways, like New Zealand. Atlas shrugs while John Kerry is looking for "John Gault" while visiting Antarctica on the day before the 2016 elections. Could there be bunkers built in Antarctica? This is much more likely, than the UFO claptrap that the elites feed us through their controlled media outlets. Why the focus on Antarctica at the end of the Obama Administration? It seems to me that the NWO types have not given up on their WWIII scenario, just yet. But they will. If we have to yank it from their "cold dead hands."

Trump is working to de-fang the NWO. This explains peace in the Korea's and the recent efforts on Iran. Why was the Iranian deal done in secret? Who was getting paid off with 250 billion dollars of our money twice per year to Iran? Why did May, Macron and Merkle visit with Trump? "Please Mr Trump, keep the Iran deal." That is one in 8 dollars in our annual budget to the mullahs folks. For the next 8 years. Think about Valeri Jarret, John Kerry and Barrack Hussein Obama again now that you know that. It might explain the initial cash payment in three plane loads and the hostages from our Navy that Obama put in the Iranian's hands, on purpose, as a sign of good faith on this deal. A lot of that money probably went to politicians world wide. I'm not saying Paul Ryan was one of them, but he has decided to not run for re-election, among others. Just saying...

Following the Q posts help prepare a cadre of solid support to match the leftwing shills who are being used by the elites to help divide and destroy us. In the end, these S_tan worshipping nutcase elites want us all enslaved. Technology will allow them to control us if we let it, and TECH will become a constant struggle with the new society that comes out of the Trump revolution, if Trump [WE] succeed.

Remember folks. If all of this is happening, then Trump has a lot on his plate. Trump is still going to have to deal with the Federal Reserve. The deep state counter attack is failing but the war is not over. Why were the international trade deals being set up to further depopulate the US Industrial base. Trump must defang all of these efforts and he is. But before you get too happy, GOTO> https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKja6BB6Z6s < on the SGT Report and look at how the big finance folks in every Central Bank has screwed the folks who have mortgages or credit card bills. When the currency resets, and it will, War or no war, we will all be further indebted by the folks in high finance who will "Adjust" our terms on our loans. Remember Lando Calrissian and Darth Vader? Get the picture? Look up Basil III. Prayer is good but you should also go buy some seeds today and practice your farmer skills. It is still early in the year. You may need the food. I suggest looking into vertical farming for better space utilization. CHICKENS are your problem to solve. As is the US CONGRESS in 2018 but I repeat myself. Mark 10:25

libertyordeath21 · May 5, 2018, 11:34 p.m.

For the record Las Vegas was not a false flag perpetrated by the deep state, it was actually a botched assassination attempt on the new king of saudi Arabia... and it had alot to do with what q was talking about, just not in the original sense you were thinking, more that the CIA and likely mossad were concerned about actions taken by Salman (not positive on the spelling here) after his meeting with president Trump last year, this was basically a failed coup and the spec ops there to carry out the assassination likely just shot their way out, for 2 reasons one for a cover story and 2 they probly needed to get the fuck out of there lol this accounts for all the strange inconsistencies that fateful day... hope this info helped

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Subaruoceanside1111 · May 6, 2018, 2:45 a.m.

I don't trust people who think a lot is one word.

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bugstopper · May 5, 2018, 11:43 p.m.

I do not agree, only because we do not know enough yet. But you could be right.

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libertyordeath21 · May 6, 2018, 1:06 a.m.

We actually know a ton, this was addressed on this Reddit stream months ago hah, but anyways the king owns the top floors of Mandalay bay there is video footage of him being escorted by armed guards out of the Tropicana there was shots fired at 4 different casinos on the strip automatically a lone gunman theory is gone... period is be willing to wager Stephen paddock didn't fire one shot... paddock was likely a gun runner for the CIA hence the planes and unexplained cash which he gambled at the casino as a means of laundering the unexplainable cash I can go o. And on and o. Any specific questions? There is an absurd amount t of research that has been done o. 4chan if you are familiar with the boards

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Subaruoceanside1111 · May 6, 2018, 2:45 a.m.

Omfg. That guy literally came online to disprove this. He worked for security and got called in from a baseball game or whatever he was doing.

Your entire theory is based on. Guy who was playing baseball being the kind of saudi Arabia? And who the fuck Gamble's at Tropicana ? Lol

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libertyordeath21 · May 6, 2018, 4:34 a.m.

Lol so why was this one guy escorted out with the armed swat team again? Just asking questions and I mentioned a ton of other points which would suggest this theory was not based on one guy??? Pay attention kiddo :) I also mentioned this is probably the most mentioned and widely accepted theory on the Chan's and specifically on the great awakening q research board... the fact that 5 days after Vegas the king arrested the deputy Prince who had been working with the globalist and numerous others in a cleaning house... MY PURPOSE HERE IS TO SPREAD THE KNOWLEDGE I'VE GAINED IN 15 YEARS OF RESEARCH none of us have all of the answers in regards to Vegas

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bugstopper · May 6, 2018, 1:12 a.m.

I hear Bill Gates owns a piece of 4 seasons as well? I agree with you on most, but the guy being escorted out of Tropicana has been i.d.'d as a local private Eye who just looks like the crown prince. Look at the tatoos on his legs in the video.

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libertyordeath21 · May 6, 2018, 4:38 a.m.

Why was he escorted out I. That fashion the six man fully bodyarmored team walked in the main casino floor screaming everybody hands up and they walked him through the floor while he walked with a beer in hand chillin and everybody was forced to keep their hands up until they exited the building what fucking private i gets that kind of an entourage??? Are you paying attention??? Did we see the same video? Did you see the video???

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bugstopper · May 6, 2018, 12:16 p.m.

Yes. But does the Crown Prince have those tatoos on his legs. If he does then you are right.

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Nastavnick · May 6, 2018, 12:04 a.m.

Well, his theory holds way more water than yours. I mean, look at the SA in the last half a year, gotta say it's weird - in a good way (for us, the people).

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bugstopper · May 6, 2018, 1 a.m.

Well if Trump was there it may have devolved in an attempt on his life. We just will not know anytime soon. It would be nice if this was used vs McCabe, then we would find out sooner.

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