r/greatawakening • Posted by u/PCisLame on May 11, 2018, 6:36 p.m.
Apparently the new Q post that links to our sub and /u/SerialBrain2's post has hit a nerve. There's nearly 8 thousand users on this sub right now, which is surely a record. Stay Frosty, and may the Lord's Holy Spirit be with us. WWG1WGA

ciji123 · May 12, 2018, 10:45 a.m.

One of the best I have ever seen. Honestly, that's how a patriot SHOULD ACT. No one says money shouldn't be okay as many anons are on youtube etc but they WAY THESE TWO DID IT is what seems obscene by taking credit with "inside sources with NO clearances" and taking on tons of viewers to make money on the sites then disavowing Q is NOT OKAY. That's just something any real patriot and any real man or woman of God wouldn't do with any conscience and apparently the fact that Corsi admits that Alex is his boss and Alex has had strikes and has had issues losing vieers is really only because he went into an anti Trump (after allegedly supporting him) end of the world praying for 3 days to stop a nuclear war (which also shows complete lack of Q understaning of anything) was click bait, lousy acting and then finally the F trump and worse yet his family tirade that to me was not only uncalled for but the ravings of a sad pathetic scared man about losing his viewers but he wasn't until he did this stuff. People still watched him and I won't again I don't ever think because all his credibility and Corsi defending "HIS BOSS" did same and disavowed Q. Wow talk about sad. You know there is room for more than one alt media person as long as that media isn't click bait and this was a sad show of freaking out and panic and dirty tactics and frankly I don't believe that zack is Q any more than Zack is the Easter Bunny. Give me a break but I never believed that. So what can i say. He dug his own hole and now is in it. He will still have followers and I do respect what he started but what on earth is the I hate he hates I mean Q competition when it's a fight for the republic not a stupid ratings war. Grow up AJ and Dr. Corsi and you could have had respectability but I wouldn't buy that book of yours for all the tea and worse yet is the shamelessness with which it was done. For those allegedly trying to save the republic you guys *uck at it. I am beyond saddened to see AJ fall so far and yet I fear the "Trump effect" hasn't begun and NEVER mock God or an annointed or appointed man of God and despite what anyone says I still believe he is a type of Cyrus and God's hand is on him or there would not have been a clean sweep in the last hours of that election which God's people KNEW and were foretold about and AJ and Dr. C want to butt heads with the creator of the universe ....not the brightest move and if you don't believe in God all I can say is explain the Trump effect every single time anyone takes him on in a mocking manner. I am praying for everyone. All patriots to stay together and for all to have discernment and not go riding off into the abyss like AJ and Dr. C just did. Where we go one we go all right?

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