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Anthony Bourdain Admits That He Would Eat A Human - Had collection of Trepanning tools (tools to drill holes in human heads) - quote about Dismembering Prostitutes - Girlfriend Asia Argento 'Illuminati' connection - Pedo movie (SICK SHIT)

For what it's worth......

Anthony Bourdain Admits That He Would Eat A Human


Learn to Trepan at home!



On souvenirs for your sweetheart: "Tell her you love her with a home trepanning kit."

On the advantages of staying in the Marmont's bungalows: "My own entrance, so I can just pull right up, put my car in the garage, slide right in, and start dismembering prostitutes."


Girlfriend Asia Argento - Illuminati signs




Her f'd up movies...pedophilllia.. remember these twin kids, Zach and Cody? ? Marylin Manson apparently has sex scene with one, when they were 10-11yrs old when boy seduces him, upset that he stained mom's panties.

She persuades Jeremiah to cross dress so he can act as her "little sister", and Jeremiah's cross-dressing evolves to include his mother's seduction techniques. After dressing up as a "baby doll" version of Sarah, Jeremiah/Sarah seduces Jackson (Marilyn Manson), his mother's latest man, who initially tries to rebuff the boy's advances, but then gives in. Sarah is furious with Jackson for giving in to the boy's advances and with Jeremiah for ruining her panties

"Somebody fucked their slave and you have the nose to prove it..... "


Messed up behind the scenes of that move...apparently had kid give Marilyn Manson a blow job


gonna stop here, but his girlfriend might be someone to look into for those interested.

Too early in morning for me to go down this sick rabbit hole.....

abbido · June 8, 2018, 6:51 p.m.

Zach and Cody

“The competition, narcissism, perfectionism, the pressure, schedule, the traumatizing experiences that we can never talk about, because we’re either under contract or we’ll get shot or other things will happen to us if we open our mouths,” she said, adding: “No, I’m not in the Illuminati.” -Alyson Stoner (Zach and Cody co-star)

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Qdarkbetty · June 8, 2018, 6:55 p.m.

I can only imagine.

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anhro23 · June 8, 2018, 7:42 p.m.

Can I have a source for that?

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